Portable Flash Heads

Shop our range of portable flash heads from top brands including Godox, Visico and Lencarta. Available in a range of power and model types as well as kits to suit your budget and needs.

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What are Portable Flash Heads?

Portable flash heads are portable lighting devices that emit a strong artificial light in a short burst to light a background or subject. Specifically designed for photographing on location, they are battery powered devices allowing portability for when you’re shooting outside of a permanent studio. Portable flash heads communicate with the camera so that the light ‘flashes’ just as the shutter opens and then closes on the camera, enabling the photographer to capture the perfect photograph.

Why use Portable Flash Heads?

Increasingly popular with professional and amateur photographers alike, portable flash heads are the go-to solution for quality, powerful lighting while away from the studio. The Li-ion (lithium) batteries provide plenty of charges for the flashes, and depending on the size / power of the flash head, some can even overpower the sun. Portable flash heads can be used in conjunction with lighting modifiers such as umbrellas or softboxes when desired, and are great at lighting up a dark location or supplementing natural light in day shoots.

What power Flash Head do I need?

Depending on the power of the light you want on your shoots, you can choose between a selection of portable flash heads to achieve the desired effect. The more powerful the light requirement, the larger in size the flash head will have to be to accommodate this. The Godox AD200Pro is a favourite amongst our customers, delivering a powerful flash whilst not taking up too much space in your travel bag or in your hands. There are options either side of the AD200Pro in terms of size and flash power, with the AD300Pro offering more Ws power, and the AD100Pro offering a smaller size comparable to that  of a can of soda. If more power is necessary, Godox also have more powerful flash heads such as the AD400Pro, AD600Pro and AD1200Pro.