LED Light Boxes

Easily take the perfect picture of your product and increase your sales with our range of light boxes. Available in a variety of sizes from 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm to 80cm, you’re sure to find a photo studio box to meet your product photography needs.  

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To capture your product in the best possible light, no pun intended, you will need to ensure it's well-lit from every angle. That’s where a light box comes into its own. A light box is the ideal solution for product photography, from jewellery and shoes to just about anything, a light box will help you take professional level product photos that will increase your sales.

Light boxes come in a variety of sizes from 40cm right up to 80cm and more, generally speaking the prices increase accordingly as the size goes up. We would recommend you purchase the largest light box that your budget will allow for to allow for future proofing.

Keep an eye out for useful extras and features such as strip lights built into the boxand adjustable brightness controls. Other light boxes include flaps on various sides to allow you to insert your own lighting as well as to insert the camera to take the photo.

For those in a hurry, we recommend our popular and best selling 60cm light box from Hakutatz.