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Wedding photography is typically the most lucrative type of work any professional photographer can do. The uniqueness of the event combined with the small windows of opportunity available to capture important moments of the day mean that photographers need to be on top of their game to ensure every memory is captured. The wedding photography kits and flashes below are perfect for your shooting on the big day.
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There is a reason why wedding photographers are the best paid out of all professional photographers. A wedding is a long working day, and as a wedding photographer you are usually the sole documenter of the event. From photographing the happy couple saying their vows, to capturing candid images of proud parents’ faces and reuniting family members, the wedding photographer has to be quick on their feet to get around the venue and must not be burdened with heavy gear. It is because of this that wedding photographers tend to take smaller flashes and accessories around with them, usually in a lightweight backpack. Equally though, if you only get one chance to capture the perfect photograph you need to ensure your lighting is correct and powerful enough. There’s nothing more devastating than seeing a once-in-a-lifetime shot show up too dark on the preview screen!

At Lencarta we’ve gathered together the quintessential equipment that you’d expect to see in any professional wedding photographer’s kit bag. Check out the above products and kits to see which takes your fancy.

Godox flashes provide portable, strong, and most importantly of all, reliable flashes that are the perfect mix of small and powerful for shooting a wedding. Their quick recycle time allows for multiple shots of a key event, and the ease of swapping batteries means there’s nothing in the way of the photographer doing their best work.