Lencarta Repair Centre

Lencarta offers authorised repair services and professional refurbishing for Godox, FeiyuTech, Visico, and more through the UK's largest studio equipment repair specialists. With the latest equipment and official factory-trained technicians, your equipment is in good hands.

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UK-Based Repair Centre

Products That We Are Able To Repair

Godox AD200 Pro, AD200, AD300 Pro, AD400 Pro, AD600 Pro, V1, V860ii, ML-60, VL150, X1T, X2T, XPRO
Feiyutech AK2000C, AK2000S, AK2000SA, AK4500, AK4500E, Vimble One, Vimble 2S, Vimble 2, Vimble 2A, Pocket, Vlog Pocket, SPG, SPG2, G6, G6 MAX, G6 PLUS
Lencarta SmartFlash 4, Superfast Pro, Wavesync
Visico Visico 2, Visico 4, Visico 5, Visico 801TX
Hakutatz Ring Lights and Continuous Lighting Panels 
Life of Photo  Ring Lights 

We offer repairs on any products in our range which can be viewed in the Shop Products section of our website. If you require a repair outside of this range, give us a call and we can see if we can help you with a repair or advice on where to look outside of the Lencarta Repair Shop. Any repairs on products outside of this range may need repair parts ordered in and therefore the time scale of these products may vary. 

Why Choose us?

We are experienced

Our excellent reputation is built upon unrivalled service and customer support. Lencarta is staffed with personnel whose combined industry experience totals several decades.

We are specialists

We specialise in repairing and servicing studio equipment lighting and videography gimbals. This has been so since 2006, from early Lencarta lighting to the latest Godox AD-Series.

We are official

As the only official UK repair centre for Godox, FeiyuTech, Visico, Lencarta, Hakutatz, Life of Photo and more, there really is no other choice. All parts come directly from the source.

We are fast

Keeping professional photographers working is our priority. As photographers ourselves - we understand how important it is to have your kit. That's why our lead times are less than 1 working week!

We are supportive

As well as providing great customer care, we make sure you are truly looked after and always notified as soon as something happens. If your repair has been picked up, you'll know about it! Being fixed? you'll know about it! Done? Then you'll know!

We do everything online

Every step is logged on our online repair dashboard. You never have to pick up the phone or chase up your repair as all updates are automatically applied as soon as they are made.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repair take?

Although we do advertise a lead time of less than 1 working week, sometimes this is not always possible. This relies on prompt communication by yourself and the repair technicians; as well as the difficulty of the repair.

Who pays for the shipping?

Customers are responsible for shipping to our repair centre. If you are within the Lencarta warranty, we will cover the cost of return shipping, as well as the repair. If you are outside of your warranty or if you had not purchased your piece of equipment from Lencarta, you will be liable for the cost to and from.

How much will it cost?

If your common repair is listed below, you can simply purchase the repair and dispatch the item along with your repair form below. If your repair is not listed, we do offer no obligation, free quotes for your repair.

Are quotes final?

Quotes are NOT final. If an estimate is given for the repair, this may not reflect the final cost of the repair. This could be if the repair was more difficult than originally thought or if the problem is mis-diagnosed. We will always do our best to be precise.

What do I need to return?

We always recommend sending everything you can so that our technicians have the entire kit in front of them to diagnose. If you are struggling to dispatch a battery or if the cost is too high, please get in touch and we can advise further.

How am I contacted?

Within the form below, you will be asked for your preferred contact method. All communications will be made automatically through our online repair dashboard - but if you would rather be quoted by phone, please select that preferred option.


What To Do Next

If your repair is listed within the common repairs below, simply fill in the repair form at the bottom of this page. Once submitted the form, you will get a reference/RMA number for further communication.

Note: Your Repair(s) might be taken 10 working days. Thanks.

If you have an enquiry, please email [email protected]