LED Ring lights

Ring lights can Instantly enhance the quality of your photography, video, streaming, gaming, makeup or home working video calls and much more. Lencarta ring lights are available in a variety of sizes from 9" to 18” as well as different ring light kit and ring light stand options to suit your budget and needs.

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What’s a ring light?

A ring light is quite simply a piece of round lighting in the shape of a ring hence the name, that is used to illuminate the front of a camera to allow for more professional photography or videography. Typically ring lights are used by amateur and professionals for a variety of tasks from homeworking, makeup, conferencing, gaming, tiktok YouTube streaming etc. The ring light works like a soft box by emitting a soft diffused light that reduces or eliminates shadows, giving you great photos and video.

What’s a ring light used for

Ring lights are great for a variety of photography and videography tasks including;

Portrait photography – make your subject ‘pop’ thanks to the soft diffused light spread evenly with no harsh shadows or contours. Your subject will look absolutely amazing, great for portraits and selfies!

Macro photography – perfect for smaller objects like insects or flowers, the light wraps well around small objects helping bring out the detail and conceal shows.

Video / Social media – if you want to be well lit whilst using your webcam or streaming then you will need a ring light, an absolute must for any serious youtuber, vlogger or social media star.

Makeup artists – just about every makeup artist on YouTube is using a ring light kit to take their videos to the next level, ring lights can instantly enhance facial features and your tutorial.

Homeworking / Conferencing – Stand out and be seen clearly in conference calls or work / zoom meetings.

Gaming / Streaming – If you’re serious about your gaming or streaming then a ring light is an absolute must, improving the video quality and enhancing your image to your many subscribers or followers.