Shop our range photography backgrounds & backdrops for your studio or homes setup. Wide range of sizes, materials and colours from white, green or grey backgrounds in paper, vinyl or muslin.

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Photography backgrounds are a must for any self-respecting photography studio, they can be the difference between a really good photograph and a mediocre one, especially if you are doing portraits, children, pets or babies. A good set of backgrounds will be an invaluable investment for your photography business.

There’s a wide array of sizes, materials and colours to choose, so how do you decide?


Photography Background Material


Fabric backgrounds are available in a  variety of colours, textures and sizes and are available in canvas or muslin material. Canvas backgrounds are bulkier and heavier than muslin backgrounds so bear that in mind as your stand will have to be of a suitable quality to take the weight. Muslin backgrounds are much lighter and therefore easier to work with as well as being portable so great for outdoor work.


Paper Rolls

Paper rolls are obviously much lighter and easier to handle however because of their tendency to crease they are not portable or easy to work with as the creases can show up in your shots. However they are the most affordable option and available in a variety of popular colours.

Popup backgrounds

Pop up backgrounds are designed for photographers who are always working on location or in small spaces, they are portable and easy to work with. Popup backgrounds are available in popular colours including white, grey, green and blue, look out for reversible options which offer even more value with a different colour on each side, making them even more versatile.

Photography Background Colour

Photography backgrounds are available in a whole rainbow of colours and textures, that said their are a number of colours that are the stable of most studios, this includes white, green, grey and blue backgrounds. These are the colours we tend to stock however you can find just about any colour or texture to suit your particular needs.