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Streaming and Vlogging

Whether you’re setting up suitable lighting for Zoom calls or video conferences, or recording yourself at home for YouTube or TikTok, the difference between looking amateur and professional is down to the lighting and camera quality. Without both of these important elements your videos will not look well produced. We’ve gathered a selection of kits and products below that will instantly improve the quality of your streams.

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We understand that a lot of people looking into getting into streaming, vlogging and YouTube recording will be new to the lighting side of things. When watching live streamers, one of the first things you will notice when comparing them is the production value of their content - influencers with quality lighting will stand out a country mile ahead of their contemporaries. Natural light on its own will just not cut it. You can’t go wrong with LED continuous lighting – easy to set up, cheap to run for hours, and very user friendly and fully adjustable.

The other key equipment every social media streamer should consider a must-have is a quality microphone. There’s no point nailing the look of your videos if the audience can’t hear you clearly. A built-in computer mic will give off the amateur vibe, something every serious home vlogger will want to avoid.

If you’re a little more technically minded, you may also want to consider a green screen background. All of our folding backgrounds are reversible so you have the option of keying to green, blue or grey. These chroma key backgrounds are ideal for superimposing a different background, meaning you don’t have to worry about your viewers checking out the books on your shelves or seeing your kids / pets walking round in the background!