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What Are Wireless Flash Triggers?

Wireless flash triggers are devices used in photography to allow cameras to communicate with flash units wirelessly. Almost always using radio signals to communicate (but sometimes using Infrared) wireless flash triggers are an essential device for photographers wanting a more sophisticated and synchronised flash lighting set up.

Why Use Wireless Flash Triggers?

Wireless flash triggers are a necessary piece of kit for any photographer wanting to up their game either by using off-camera flashes, or on-camera flashes that offer more options than an in-built camera flash. Without wireless triggers, working with off-camera flashes would be impossible at some of the ranges at which photographers sometimes require their lights.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide - What to look out for


The number one thing to look for when considering triggers is compatibility. Some cameras that possess the ability of High-Speed Sync (HSS) and Through The Lens (TTL) will require compatible triggers in order for these features to work properly with the camera and flashes. A safe bet is using a trigger that is the same brand as the lighting it’s connecting to. For example, our range of Godox triggers will work with all of our Godox flash products.


Some triggers are more user friendly that others, so decide on how complicated you need your trigger to be. Some triggers, such as the Godox XPro, are designed to be very user friendly with a large back-lit LCD display – perfect for beginners.