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When it comes to photographing animals, be it pets such as dogs, cats, birds etc, or wildlife in their natural habitat, you will need to be equipped accordingly. Once you’ve chosen which camera you’re going to use to capture these adorable subjects, the next step is choosing complimentary lighting equipment to bring your pet or wildlife photography to the next level! Check out the below products to get started capturing nature.

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We would recommend making sure all of your equipment is High-Speed Sync enabled due to the fidgety and quick movements animals make. If you don’t have a high shutter speed on your camera, you’re going to have blurry pets. Unlike human models, pets are unaware of what they’re doing in front of a camera and there is a lot more work done by the photographer to capture a great photo. This can include shaking a cat’s toy, bribing a dog with treats, or if you have the owners present, getting them to call their pet’s name without coaxing them outside of the studio.

However unpredictable pets can be, you must ensure the things you can control are working in your favour. Depending on the animal, some pets may be distracted every time flashes fire, and look away or become frightened by the noises or bright light. It may be wise to get some continuous lighting as an alternative to flash lighting so the animal is comfortable in its surroundings before the photographer takes their shot. We think you’ll be well set with any of our kits or products above.