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studio lighting kits

Shop our range of studio lighting kits from flash lighting kits, continuous lighting kits to speedlight kits all from top brands including Godox, Visico and Lencarta. Available in a range of power and model types and kits to suit your budget and needs.

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Studio Lighting Kits

There was a time when studio lighting kits were the preserve of only professional photography studios, with average kits costing many thousands of pounds. Today however you can pick up kits from as little as £4-£500 thanks to improvements in technology and lean manufacturing.

So which lighting kit to go for? Well that all depends on a number of factors including what type of photography will you be doing, product, fashion, portrait, newborn etc, how much space do you have, is it a home setup or professional studio and what’s your budget.

Types of Lighting Kits

In terms of the kits themselves, you have a variety of kits to choose from with combinations including flash lighting, continoius lighting or speedlights (on camera flash) and with modifiers including softboxes, reflectors, umbrellas or bounce cards.

At Lencarta we believe that any one of our SmartFlash kits is a wise investment in your photography and career due to its low cost and the huge return potential, and should be viewed as such. if you are uncertain on your exact needs we suggest you start with our smaller lighting kit and then build out from there to suit your needs, for example one softbox and one reflector or umbrella would meet basic needs and you can add further reflectors or softboxes and flash or continuous lights as you grow.

Things to consider

Types of light

The most popular type of studio lighting kit is the flash lighting kit, these are either studio flashes or on camera flashes also known as speedlights. Studio flashes are the most flexible when it comes to working with the flash output in terms of modifiers and accessories to shape or diffuse the light.

A third choice is continuous lights, these are ideal for videography or for photographing smaller objects. Be careful though as the bulbs can get very hot so you would need to keep flammable material away from direct contact. An alternative is to use cool lights such as fluorescent bulbs.

Studio Lighting Kit Suggestions

Good Beginner Kit for Studio Photographers


Good Avanced kit for Studio Photographers (High Speed Shooting)


Good Beginner kit for Location Photographers



Good Advanced kit for Location Photographers