The AD400Pro from Godox is a smaller, lighter version of the flagship AD600Pro portable flash. Its smaller build (1kg less than the AD600Pro) and powerful light output of 400Ws make it the perfect choice for any photographer looking to shoot both on location and in the studio. With an interchangeable head, you do not have to replace all of your Profoto, Elinchrom, Broncolor, etc modifiers as the AD400Pro with the right adapters sold seperately accomodates for that! It has a built in lithium-ion powered Battery allowing you to recharge to full power when not in use. It also boasts full TTL and HSS compatibility for all popular camera brands (Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm).

  • Power: 400Ws
  • Recycling Time: 0.01-0.9s
  • HSS/TTL Enabled: Yes
  • Full Power Flashes: Approx. 390
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Godox AD400 Pro Two Head Portable Location Kit with ProFold Softboxes, XPro Trigger and Roller Bag

Godox AD400 Pro Two Head Portable Location Kit with Softboxes

  • FULL WIRELESS ADAPTABILITY XPRO TRIGGER: With 16 Individual groups and 32 adjustable channels to wirelessly control an unlimited number of flashes on the Godox 2.4 RF Radio system you can easily avoid signal interference with other users
  • BUILT IN GODOX 2.4G WIRELESS SYSTEM: With its built in receiver you can use the Godox X triggers for full TTL and HSS remote power control up to 300 feet away. It can fully support Canon E-TTL, Nikon i-TTL, Sony TTL, Fuji TTL and Olympus TTL systems. Usable with the Godox X Triggers such as X32, X1T, X1R, XPro 2.4G Godox Triggers on the Godox 2.4 Radio Triggering System Frequency.
  • RECHARGABLE LITHIUM BATTERY: The advanced built in Lithium-ion battery has been designed for performance, making it more reliable than ever when shooting. It will recycle 400w/s in 0.9 seconds. This Godox AD400 Pro TTL will give you 390 full power shots.
  • STRONG BUILD QUALITY PROFOLD SOFTBOX: The profold soft boxes are made from a solid steel construction and uses the same top quality was and diffusion materials for a softbox to perform well, it needs to be deep, so that the light from the flash head can bounce off the reflective walls properly and end up with perfectly even light distribution by the time it reaches the diffusers.
  • RELIABLE, RESISTANT AND VERSATILE LIGHT STANDS: This light stand is made from the strongest aluminium alloy whilst maintaining its lightweight features. Able to support up to 5kg of weight at heights of up to 265cm this reliable light stand will protect your equipment from damage whilst making your workflow efficient. Finished in matt black rather than painted black, this stand will provide no reflection during your photo or video work.
Power 400Ws
Recycle Time 0.01-0.9s
Power Range 1/256-1/1 in 10th Increments
Modelling Lamp 30W/4800K TLIC:93
Full Power Flashes Approx. 390
TTL Enabled Yes
HSS Enabled Up to 1/8000th of a second.
Flash Duration 1/240 - 1/12820s
Delay Flash 0.01-30s
Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) +3 Stops in 1/3 stop increments
Sync Triggering Mode 3.5mm Sync Line
Colour Temperature 5600+200K
Stable Colour Temperature Mode Changes within +75k in entire range.
Power Supply Lithium-Ion (Mains Power Optional)
Dimensions (With Battery) 22x10.2x12.8cm
Weight (With Battery) 2.1kg


  • 2x Godox AD400 Pro Studio Lights
  • 2x 2.65m Light Stands
  • 1x 95cm Octa Profold Soft box
  • 1x 70cmx100cm Square Profold Soft box
  • 1x Godox XPRO Trigger
  • 1x Large Roller Bag
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