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What are Studio Flash Heads?

Studio Flash Heads are devices used in photography that emit a strong artificial light in a short burst to light a background or subject. The flash unit will be connected with a camera either wirelessly through a trigger, or physically through a cable. The light ‘flashes’ just as the shutter on the camera opens and then closes.

Why Use Studio Flash Heads?

Studio flash heads are necessary to provide consistent, powerful lighting to indoor shoots. Keeping them as permanent installations saves photographers time setting up and fiddling with settings. Flash lighting can also be paired with lighting modifiers such as umbrellas or softboxes to provide plenty of creativity and customisation to indoor shoots.

Studio flash heads allow photographers to shoot at any time of day with perfect lighting consistency. They are typically larger than their portable cousins, but their size difference is compensated by their extraordinary lighting power, fed directly by the mains.

For beginner photographers we recommend the Lencarta SmartFlash 4. Designed specifically to be reliable, consistent and high-quality, the SmartFlash IV is a great price for functional studio lighting.