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There’s nothing more special than adding a new member to your family. Nine months of anticipation is followed by only a very short amount of time when the newborns are still tiny and adorable. Naturally, new parents will want to remember what their newborn baby looked like in their first few weeks, and there's no better way of preserving these memories than a newborn shoot. Check out the below products that we have identified as perfect for photographing newborns.

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With this type of photography safety is key. Most new-born shoots will have parents acting as your assistant which is great for both safety and getting the baby to pose for you. Most of the images you capture will be even soft lighting, lit from either side of the baby. This is why we would suggest having at least 2 softboxes, one either side of the baby.

Your stands will not need to be large as most shots will be done on a table or the floor, however a good solid light stand will ensure the equipment is in place safely. We also understand that you may need to travel to clients for your shoots, this is why we recommend having a large, padded roller case to keep all your equipment safely together.