Snoots allow you to take control of your flash photography and really control the light and illumination on your subject. We offer a range of snoots from our own Lencarta range and from other well-known brands such as Godox.

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What’s Snoot?

A snoot is a simple tube like device that fits over a light such as a speedlight, its purpose is to allow you to pick out and illuminate just the bits you want to highlight on your photographs by directing the light when you fire your flash.

Types of snoot

There are 2 common types of snoot

  1. Metal canonical snoot with typically a Bowens type fitting to enable you to attach it to your flash light or a Bowens adapter clamp so that it can be attached to any speedlight.
  2. Wrappable fabric snoot with a Velcro attachment, an additional Velcro piece is attached to your light to enable a tight and secure fit. The inner of the fabric is usually lined with a silver reflective material.

How to use A snoot?

If your light is overpowering your shot then you might want to consider using a snoot to tame the light, simply place the snoot over your light source and use trial and error until you are happy with the final photograph. A snoot is ideal for creating low key, rim light or hair light.