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Why Do I Need a Studio Flash Lighting Kit?

Studio flashes are essential to provide reliable, powerful lighting to indoor shoots. Keeping them as permanent installations saves photographers preparation time and having to meddle with settings. Flash lighting can be paired with lighting modifiers such as umbrellas or softboxes in kits to provide plenty of customisation to indoor shoots.

Studio flashes allow photographers to shoot at any time of day with perfect lighting uniformity. They are typically larger than their portable cousins, but their size difference is compensated by their impressive lighting power, fed directly by the mains. When combined with the right accessories, studio flashes’ full potential can be realised and the options available to photographers increase exponentially.

We’ve put together a bunch of studio lighting kits which should take a lot of the headache out of finding flashes, compatible accessories, and the best deals. If you get a kit from us, you know that you’ll be well set up and everything will work well together. 

Studio Flash Head Kits

If you’re creating a photography studio from scratch, a studio flash kit will serve you well. Depending on space available to you and your budget, kits of 2 to 3 flash heads paired with umbrellas/softboxes are available to buy in one convenient package, along with bag and remote trigger. Check them out at the top of the page.

One of our most popular kits is the SmartFlash 4 600Ws Twin Softbox Kit + Remote Trigger. Having two light sources with softbox attachments make this kit ideal for portrait, beauty and product photography in a small space. The inclusion of a case provides somewhere safe to store everything if they ever need transporting or storing away.

There are options to swap out one of the softboxes of the above kit for an umbrella, such as in the SmartFlash 4 600Ws Twin Umbrella and Softbox + Remote Trigger Kit, or add on an umbrella to the original kit with SmartFlash 4 900Ws Triple Studio Kit + Remote Trigger Kit.