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What is a Reflector?

A reflector is a specialised photography tool that reflects light towards the subject. It simply redirects existing light towards the intended subject of the photo.

Why Use a Reflector?

The classic reflector is a ‘bounce board’ that is separate from the light source. It can be used in conjunction with continuous lighting or flash lighting, but is also effective with natural light, often deflecting sunlight to shadowy areas of a model.

Photographers will use these simple light modifers to reflect light that is ‘spilling’ from the shoot back towards their subject, adding fill light to control shadows and highlights. Reflectors can also be used close to the light source to increase the effective overall size of it.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide – What to look for

Light reflectors come in a number of colours, each with their own effect on the reflected light. We have a handy 5-in-1 reflector set that includes black, white, gold, silver and translucent reflectors.

Use a black reflector to absorb light, to add modelling and to create a dark side or a dark edge to your shots. Use a white reflector to add light, which can come from the sun, from a studio flash or from a flashgun, and which can usually provide a simple and very inexpensive alternative to an extra light. A silver reflector instead of the white one can be used for a more dramatic, specular effect. A gold reflector adds a warm, gold tint where needed - instant suntan! A diffuser reflector is used to soften and diffuse the light from the sun, or from any flash.

A light reflector should be a tool in every photographer’s arsenal. When shooting on your own where you aren’t able to have a helpful sidekick to hold the reflector for you, we recommend a reflector holder.