This 107cm Life of Photo Reflector is great for indoor and outdoor photography. Choose from a range of 5 different colours, to help reduce contrast, warm skin tones, eliminate shadows or just soften your light. This reflector gives you flexibility with your lighting options, making it a great edition for any photographers kit.

- Colour: silver, white, black gold and translucent 

Free zip carry bag included

- Size: 107cm 

Use in a studio or on location

Collapses to a quarter of its size

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Life of Photo 107cm / 43" 5 in 1 Reflector

Photography 5 in 1 Reflector

    This 107cm diameter 5-in-1 Reflector set is the perfect size for nearly all indoor and outdoor photography, whether you're using natural light, flash or continuous lighting.

    Use the black side to absorb light, to add modelling and to create a dark side or a dark edge to your shots. Use the white side to add light, which can come from the sun, from a studio flash or from a flashgun, and which can usually provide a simple and very inexpensive alternative to an extra light.

    Use the Silver side instead of the white, for a more dramatic, specular effect. Or use the gold side to add a warm, gold tint where needed - instant suntan! And inside the cover is a very efficient diffuser, this is used to soften and diffuse the light from the sun, or from any flash.

    This Reflector Set folds up to a quarter of its size and can be stored and transported in its free zipped carry bag.

    Made by Life Photo Products, who manufacture for most of the best known names in photographic lighting

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