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Action and high speed photography (also described as sports photography) requires photography equipment that can keep up with subjects that are moving fast. A camera with high shutter speed combined with the ability of High Speed Sync is a must when shooting with lights, as without it you will get blurry shots and will miss that perfect once-in-a-liftetime photo. Check out the below lighting equipment that will allow you to captue those perfect action shots.

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Action photography can be very challenging as it relies on being in the right place at the right time, and capturing that perfect moment in a matter of seconds. Sports photographers will often look for a camera that allow them to shoot at a high frame rate so they have more chance of capturing that unique shot. In some sports you will be able to use studio lighting that will help you create dramatic lighting and effects in your work.

Our unique kits and suggetsed products have been designed and put together knowing that the photographer will need high speed sync allowing them to shoot at fast shutter speeds and using strobe lights.