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The SL-60W features a soft-fan design, allowing for a super quiet atmosphere during those intense, beautiful video shots through effective heat dissipation technology. With an incredibly high CRI and TLCI rating of 95+ and 90+ respectively, the SL-60W saves on post-production time and cost through it's high quality studio level lighting. The SL-60W comes with a Bowens S-fit mount, allowing for softboxes, barn doors, reflectors and more to be applied seamlessly.

- Power Output: 60W 

- Ultra Quiet Fan 

-High CRI and TLCI Ratings

- Bowens S-Fit Mount 

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Godox SL-60W COB LED Continuous Light

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Godox SL-60W COB LED Continuous Light. Studio Lighting Equipment

Godox SL-60W COB LED Continuous Light

An Overview

The Godox SL-60W is a white 60W COB LED continuous light. The SL-60W is a daylight-balanced video light with an intuitive design. The SL-60W is a Bowens Fit light and so is compatible with all Bowens fit modifiers. With an intuitive overheating prevention system, the SL-60W is protected against overheating whilst in use. 

Main Features

60W COB LED LIGHT: The SL-60W is the 60W continuous lighting solution from Godox. Providing a high-quality light with colour-accurate rendering and dimming control, the SL-60W is the perfect light for photographers and videographers.

BOWENS S MOUNT: The SL-60W is a Bowens Fit light meaning that it will work perfectly with all Bowens fit modifiers, including softboxes and beauty dishes.

OVERHEATING PREVENTION SYSTEM: With an integrated heatsink, built-in – fan, and temperature control function, the SL-60W is fully protected against overheating and inconsistencies. The temperature can be monitored in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

WHITE GODOX CONTINUOUS LIGHT: The SL-60W is a white continuous lighting solution from Godox. With a colour temperature of 5600K+/-300K, this light provides high-quality lighting and reliable colour accuracy.


Advanced Heat Dissipation

The SL-60W features a high performance heat-sink, allowing for the LED video light to retain it's powerful lighting over an exceptional period of time before the fan is required to kick in to cool the unit at it's maximum 60W of power.

Built To Last

The SL-60W is designed to be as mechanical as possible and away from what electrics are known for. Covered with a 2 year safety net, the SL-60W is easily repaired and lasts an extremely long time through it's advanced air flow.

Completely Adjustable

Featuring a reinforced stand mount, the SL-60W can be placed upon rails, boom arms and stands easily through it's universal locking system. This allows the unit to be aimed exactly where you need it securely and safely 360° panning and 180° tilting.


Continuous Lighting Solution 

The SL-60W is a white continuous lighting solution from Godox. With a colour temperature of 5600K+/-300K, this light provides high-quality lighting and reliable colour accuracy.

High CRI/TLCI Ratings

The extremely high colour rendition of the SL-60W allows the unit to produce professional, studio-quality lighting that minimizes the time and cost of post-production. This captures colour to a realistic effect meaning you lose no quality at any colour temperature.

What's Included

The SL-60W comes included with the flash body, chargers, UK and EU power cables and a High Intensity Reflector.

Power Output 60W
Brightness 4,100 lux @1m
LED Type Integrated LED Chip
Colour Temperature 5600K±300K
CRI >95
TLCI >90
Power Range 0%-100%
Heat Dissipation Heat Sink + Quiet Fan
Light Dimensions 23x24x14cm
Light Weight 1.61kg
Accessory Mount Bowens S-Type
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Operation Temperature -10~40 Degrees Celsius 
Channels/ Groups 16/6 (A,B,C,D,E,F)
  • 1x SL-60W LED Video Light
  • 1x Reflector Cover
  • 1x Lamp Cover
  • 1x UK Power Cable
  • 1x EU Power Cable
  • 1x User Manual, 1x 2 Year Safety Net
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