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AD200 Specs

The Godox AD200 Pro is a sophisticated off-camera flash head, capable of providing up to 200Ws of pure power!  This makes the AD200 Pro about twice as powerful as typical high-end, on-camera, flashguns, and about three times the power of most other flashguns. The extra power is a real benefit and so too is its bare bulb capability, allowing you to produce perfect lighting results when used for studio photography, as well as on-location shoots! This improved and updated model of the AD200  includes some great new features that create more control over your lighting. The main improvement is a 9-stop power range (1/1-1/256 power) and 1/10th stop power adjustments giving you more options with your lighting. By increasing the stops used to control power, you are able to create a range of unique lighting options, such as extremely subtle lighting for portraits or product photography. The colour consistency has also improved and is now rated at 5600°K ± 100°K to help render exceptional tones in any lighting.

- Power: 200Ws
- Recycle Time: 0.01-1.8s
- Power Range: 1/256-1/1 10th Increments
- Full Power Flashes: Approx. 500
- Weight: 560g excl. battery

Godox AD200 Pro Portable Location Flashgun System | Wistro

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Buy Together & Save!

Buy Together & Save!

Godox AD200 Pro Portable Flash Head 200Ws TTL HSS

Godox AD200 Pro

Godox AD200 Pro Battery Powered HSS/TTL 200Ws Pocket Flash

The Godox AD200 Pro is a powerful, ergonomically designed flash unit capable of outputting up to 200Ws of power. It is designed to be compact and portable, meaning that this flash is able to fit into most photography or equipment bags with ease. The powerful lithium-ion battery provides 500 fully powered flashes from a single charge, keeping your shoots going! Each time the power is halved, the number of available flashes is doubled!

The new digital display also allows for a greater overall user experience compared with the previous AD200. This display is now protected by a subtle lip that extends out past the flash unit, providing cushioning in case of a fall. The flash head is both removable and interchangeable, giving you a choice of either a bare bulb head or a fresnel head spotlight attachment. The fresnel attachment provides a more focused beam of light, just like on a traditional flashgun or Speedlight. The bare bulb attachment provides a wide spread of light, much like a traditional studio flash. This interchangeable head allows for a wide range of lighting effects both with and without modifiers. 

The AD200 Pro is one of the most popular Godox flashes. The AD200 Pro is perfect for anyone who needs something the size of a hotshoe flashgun with much more power. The AD200 Pro has a built-in 2.4Ghz receiver, making it completely controllable using one of the Godox X Series triggers. This flash is HSS and TTL enabled making it perfect for people shooting outdoors or on location. This portability is only further enhanced through the wireless nature of your flash head, meaning that you can work anywhere, anytime!

For further information on the AD200 vs the AD200 Pro, have a look at our blog post here

The Main Features

Indented Protected Screen

X-Series Receiver

Enhanced Stand Mount

Indented Protected Screen

The Godox AD200 Pro was designed to improve on its predecessor -- the AD200. By introducing a slightly indented screen, the AD200Pro's high contrast display is much safer from falls and drops, as the plastic takes the brunt force of the damage.

X-Series Receiver

Continuing on from the success of the X-series triggering system, the AD200Pro still features a built-in 2.4Ghz receiving system. With a range of up to 100m, the AD200Pro can be placed wherever you need it. This makes the AD200 Pro compatible with all of the Godox X range triggers, such as the XPro.

Enhanced Stand Mount

The AD200Pro rids itself of a plastic stand mount and instead features an incredibly robust metal stand mount. This allows the unit to take substantial weight should a large modifier be applied.

Battery Powered
Modular Head

Battery Powered

The AD200Pro can fire up to 500 full power pops from one battery charge. This powerful battery in itself can be recharged in up to 2 hours, meaning should you have a spare, you should never be long without another.

Modular Head

The AD200 and AD200Pro feature a modular head, allowing for numerous accessories to be applied, such as an LED for continuous lighting, a round head for soft light, the included fresnel speedlight head and barebulb head.


The AD200Pro is totally compatible with the AK-R1 accessory kit through the S-R1 round head adapter or its roundhead attachment. This magnetic kit and other softboxes enhance the AD200Pro's already amazing results.

Godox AD200 Pro

Compatible with 

s2 bracket
Extension Head

AK-R1 Round Head Attachment

The AD200 Pro is compatible with the AK-R1 lighting accessory kit when used with the H200R round head adapter. We have the two products paired together which you can access by following the link here. This kit provides limitless lighting options for you to have fun and experiment with, all whilst creating some amazing effects!

S2 Bracket

The S2 bracket allows for you to attach any Bowens S-Fit modifier to your AD200 Pro to enhance your lighting experience! This attachment allows Bowens fit softboxes, beauty dishes and reflectors to be applied to your flash to create a range of different lighting effects.

Extension Head

The AD200 extension head adds versatility to your flash head! With the extension head, you are able to maneuver your AD200 Pro to hard-to-reach places and angles for a more complete lighting experience.

AD-B2 Dual Head Adapter

The AD-B2 dual head adapter allows you to pair 2 AD200 Pro flash heads together to create a complete 400Ws, Bowens fit flash head! This option also comes with a modeling lamp and can be used as a replacement for the S2 bracket with only one flash head if required.



AD200 Pro

AD200 Pro

Power 200Ws 200Ws
Recycle Times 0.01-2.1 Seconds  0.01-1.8 Seconds 
Power Range 8 Stops: 1/128-1/1  9 Stops: 1/256-1/1 in 1/10th increments 
LED Modelling Lamp  Fresnel Head Attachment Only  Fresnel Head Attachment Only 
Power Supply Li-Ion Batteries Li-Ion Batteries
Rear Curtain Sync Yes Yes
Number of Channels  32 32
Transmission Range 100m 100m
Full Power Flashes Approx. 500 Approx. 500
TTL/HSS Yes up to 1/8000th Yes up to 1/8000th 
Weight (without battery)  790g


Lencarta In House Repair Centre

At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best after-care and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair center that is available to anyone needing a repair. Find out more here.

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More Information
Flash TypePortable Flash
Speedring FittingGodox Witstro
ModelGodox AD200 Pro
Suitable ForAction, Food & Beverage, Location, Product
Wireless Slave Unit ModeRadio transmission mode (compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic & Pentax)
Flash ModeWireless off: M/Multi, Slave unit of radio transmission: TTL/Multi
Compatible Cameras Under Radio Transmission (as slave unit))Nikon Cameras (X1T-N as master unit), Canon EOS Cameras (X1T-C as master unit), Sony Cameras (X1T-S as master unit), Fujifilm Cameras (X1T-F as master unit), Olympus Cameras (X1T-O as master unit)
Guide Number (1/1 Output)Speedlight flash head: 52 (m ISO 100, @35mm), Bare bulb flash head: 60 (m ISO 100, with AD-S2 standard reflector, @28mm)
Flash DurationSpeedlight flash head: 1/220 to 1/15380 seconds, Round flash head/Bare bulb flash head: 1/220 to 1/13510 seconds
Power Control9 Stops in 1/10th Increments
Stroboscopic FlashProvided (up to 90 times, 99Hz)
Flash Exposure CompensationManual. FEB: +3 stops in 1/3 stop increments
Sync ModeHigh-speed sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), first curtain sync, and second curtain sync
Delay Flash0.01 - 30 seconds
Modelling LampYes
Optic Slave FlashS1/S2
Flash Duration IndicationYes
Power SourceExternal Battery
Maximum Output Voltage14.4 V DC
Wireless Flash FunctionSlave, Off
Controllable Slave Group5 (A,BC,D,E)
Wireless Range100m (Radio)
Channels32 (1-32)
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Capacity (mAh)2900 mAh
Recycle Time0.01 to 1.8 Sec
Sync Speed1/8000 Sec (High-Speed)
Flashes Per Charge500
High Speed Sync (HSS)Yes
Built In Wireless ReceiverYes
Wireless Frequency2.4 GHz
Wireless Channels Groups32 Channels 5 Groups
Slave FunctionYes
Rear Curtain SyncYes
Second Curtain SyncNo
Flash Head TypeRectangular
Colour Temperature5600K ± 200K
Camera TypeUniversal
Cooling SystemVented Air Flow
Interface3.5 mm PC Sync, USB Type-C
warranty2 Years
Dimensions168x75x50mm (flash head not included)
Country of ManufactureChina
  • 1x Godox AD200 Pro
  • 1x Speedlite Head
  • 1x Bare-bulb Head
  • 1x Bare-bulb Flash Tube
  • 1x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Charger Cable
  • 1x Umbrella Bracket
  • 1x Carry Case
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Customer Questions
Can I use this as a modelling light?
Yes you can use the AD200 Pro with a modelling light using the fresnal head attachment and also the HR200R Round Head attachment.
Can I use non branded transmitters with this flash?
Unfortunately Godox has its own internal built 2.4Ghz receiver which works directly with Godox only transmitters XPRO, X1T, X2T. You can put the AD200 Pro in slave mode which basically allows the AD200 Pro to flash after been exposed to another flash...
Can I use this flash with an umbrella or softbox?
Yes the AD200 Pro is compatible with a large range of modifiers and umbrellas. If you have the right separate adapter you can use most unique flash fittings with your softbox. Umbrellas can be mounted directly to the AD200 Pro. There is also specific...
Is the Godox AD200 Pro Bowens Fit?
The Godox AD200 Pro is not bowens fit however it can be used with bowens fit softboxes. You would need either a speedlite to bowens fit adapter or the updated S2 adapter. Simply place the AD200 Pro into the adapter, lock it in place and attach your bowens...
What Godox triggers can I use with the AD200 Pro?
All of the Godox Transmitters are fully compatible with the AD200 Pro. These include the X1T, X2T and the XPRO. Other models in the godox series may be compatible but only if they have a 2.4Ghz frequency.
Can I buy spare batteries?
Yes the AD200 Pro comes with a large range of optional accessories including spare batteries.
Whats the difference between the bare bulb and fresnal head ?
The bare bulb attachment spreads the light in all different angles so it is a great option if you are using softboxes or umbrellas with your AD200 Pro. The fresnal head is more directional and fires the light forwards which can be good if you are not...
What is included with the flash?
The AD200 pro comes with everything you need to start shooting straight away. This includes the AD200 Pro, Fresnal Head, Bare Bulb, Light Stand Adapter, battery, charger, hard case, and user manual.
What types of photography is this flash good for?
The AD200 Pro is popular with a large range of photographers. People that shoot outdoors or at different locations tend to go for the AD200 Pro as it?s incredibly portable, lightweight and easy to use. Wedding and events are also other types that photographers...
Is the AD200 Pro compatible with my camera?
The AD200 Pro is compatible with almost all cameras that have the correct hot shoe. You can also sync the AD200 Pro to your camera via sync cord if you camera will allow this.
Does the AD200 Pro offer High Speed Sync and TTL?
Yes you can shoot in high speed sync up to 1/8000 with the AD200 Pro and also it also fully accepts TTL mode.
Does the AD200 Pro support firmware updates?
Yes it fully supports firmware updates. As soon as godox updates any new firmware you can instantly update your flash by plugging it into your PC and updating the latest firmware.
How many flashes can I get from a full powered battery?
The battery will give you approximately 500 flashes on a full charge. We always recommend that if you are planning on not using your AD200 pros for extended periods of time you should take the batteries out of the flash unit.
Can you combine two AD200 Pros and use them with the AD B2 adapter?
Yes the AD200 Pro is fully compatible with the Godox AD-B2 adapter which creates a 400Ws studio flash.
What do I do if my flash shows up an E1 E2 E3 error?
Some error codes can be resolved by either restarting your device i.e. switching it off and then back on again, or by switching the device off and allowing it to cool for a few minutes we usually recommend 10-15 minutes depending on how long it has been...
Is the AD200 Pro an on camera or off camera flash?
The AD200 Pro is an off camera flash and cannot be attached to a camera. It can only be synced to a camera either by wireless transmitter or sync cable
Does this come with a bracket to attach to a softbox?
The Godox AD200 Pro does not come with a softbox adapter however these can be purchased separately and sold at lencarta.
What happens if I break my flash during a shoot can you fix it?
Yes as an official UK distributor of godox we have our own repair centre with factory trained technicians. Please get in touch with us first regarding any repairs that need doing and we will let you know what the next steps will be. Our repair centre...
Can you use both the AD200 and AD200 Pro together?
Yes you can use both the AD200 and AD200 Pro together. They both work off the same frequency but have different capabilities in certain settings.
I have a Nikon Branded speedlite will this work with my AD200 ?
Yes technically you can use these flashes together. The Nikon speedlight can be put into slave mode and will fire when the AD200 fires. Alternatively you can purchase an X1R godox receiver that will put your AD200 , Nikon speedite and Transmitter on ...
Is there an AC adapter that can be used when using indoors?
At this time there is no AC adapter available for the AD200 Pro
Can you fire your AD200 Pro whilst using a V860II V860III on camera?
Yes the V860II / III and V1 are all capable of being a master which controls the AD200 Pro.
Is the stand mount included strong enough for my softbox?
The stand mount is incredibly robust and is made from metal however for larger products such as the 120cm octa softbox we would recommend either the speedlite to bowens adapter or the Godox S2 adapter as they are much easier to use when using with larger...
Can this be used as an on camera flash?
Yes with the AD200 and AD200 Pro you can buy the extension head adapter that attaches both the the AD200 flash unit and hot shoe on top of your camera.
I am new to flash, is this a good light to use as a beginner?
The AD200 Pro is more towards the pro user however it is relatively straight forward to use as a beginner and much more portable than most studio flashes on the market. The AD200 Pro is certainly a good investment to make when moving into flash lighting...
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