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The Godox dome diffuser is a quick and easy to use modifier for your round head flash. Simply place the dome diffuser onto the head of your flash to use instantly. 

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Godox AK-R1 Dome Diffuser

Dome Diffuser

Godox Dome Diffuser

The Godox AK-R11 features 4 incredibly strong magnetic strips, capable of gripping to the head of the Godox V1 and H200R naturally, or via the S-R1 adapter for other non-round head flashes. Perfect for those wanting a 180° even spread of light across a whole area, such as a room, the AK-R11 is perfect for event photography, wedding photography and real-estate photography. The AK-R11 weighs fractionally next to nothing, meaning it will not add much weight to your kit and can be stored easily.

Dome Diffuser
Dome Diffuser
Dome Diffuser

Round Head Dome

The AK-R11 takes the focus of the V1 away and spreads the light over a 180° area, providing soft and even lighting effects. Perfect for event, wedding or real estate photographers who need to fill a whole space with natural lighting.


The AK-R11 can fit onto other magnetic modifiers such as those in the AK-R1 kit. Double up with colour gels, barn doors, bounce cards and more to get the exact lighting effects you want!

Magnetic Strips

The AK-R11 comes with 4 strong magnetic strips. Each strip provides enough support to stop the dome from popping off during those busy events. Should it be knocked slightly, it's not a problem as it requires some force to make the modifier let go.

Dome Diffuser

1x Dome Diffuser 

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