LED Lighting

Shop our range of LED lighting from LED panels, LED light boxes to LED ring lights to On Camera LED lights. All from top brands with up to 2 years warranty. All our LED lighting is UK stock and from our UK warehouse.

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What is LED Lighting?

An LED is a Light-Emitting Diode - a small device that emits light when electric current is passed through it. A collection of these (sometimes tens, sometimes hundreds) are put together in a panel to create a much larger overall light source.

Why Use LED Lighting?

LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting technology available today. Compared to traditional lighting, LEDs are more robust, don’t produce a lot of heat, and have colour temperature and adjustment settings to provide more range in your lighting and photographs/videos.

Things to look for in your LED Lighting

When comparing LED lighting options, keep in mind some of these important features:

Number of LEDs – a higher number of LEDs = more power

Battery Life – How long the LEDs will run without being recharged (if you’re not planning on having them plugged in to mains)

Colour Temperature – Generally a range somewhere between 3000-6000K is a nice spread with lots of options. Combine this with a good colour range and most shades of all colours will be covered!

Mounting – It’s important to consider where you will be using the lights and how you will keep them at the desired height/angle for prolonged periods of time. Check out our accessory page for stands.