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Becoming a photographer was pretty much the last thing on my mind until February 2008.
Knowing virtually nothing about photography, I started taking pictures of everyone and everything, learning as much as would sink in with every outing and reading as much as possible in every publication I could find. Before long the bug had bitten and I started to see the improvements as I became more aware of what I should and should not be doing. Over the last year, having invested in the right kit and learning from my mistakes as well as listening to photographers whose work I could see was of a good standard, I've managed to develop my own style and am now shooting the sort of images that I want to shoot on a regular basis
The one big lesson that stands out for me above all the others, and one that was learned the hard way for me personally, is that good lighting is key in photography. Good lighting will not make a bad photograph good, but it can turn a good photograph into a great one. Lighting is the one thing in the type of photography that I shoot that separates the mundane and the cliché from the truly inspiring and brilliant. I now shoot using a Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II and use various lights ranging from flash guns through to the Lencarta Safari heads, mixing and matching as the situation dictates but always trying to create the wow factor.

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The Lencarta Safari