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Signature Photography Kits

Taking on a step forward with your photography career or hobby can be daunting, but that's why we're here to give that guiding hand. The Signature Kits from Chris Ord and Leivi Saltman provides everything you need in a compact and portable set of kits.

Chris Ord

Chris' start in photography came from his Father who bought him his first camera and showed him the ropes. That was 10 years ago, and he still shoots with his father now. Over the last 10 years he has worked primarily as a Wedding Photographer covering 25-30 weddings a year around the UK. More recently he has worked with brands such as William Morris Eyewear, Newcastle United Football Club and one of Newcastle's leading Marketing Companies - Jam Marketing. As well as being behind the camera he also run regular training workshops for photographers from his studio in Hebburn. This is in partnership with lighting supplier Lencarta for whom he is a Brand Ambassador.

Leivi Saltman

Leivi's interest in photography began at a very early age and after studying Photography A-level, he attended Birmingham City University to widen his knowledge in photography, where he graduated with a 1st Class BA degree in Visual Communications Photography. He focuses on the key elements, which make up any image from light, tone, texture, shape, form and even colour. By covering all of these elements he is guaranteed the perfect image, which will look magnificent. What amazes him about photography is how you can simply freeze time with a simple click of a button. His one aim whilst photographing anything is to capture everything in perfect detail and at the correct moment, which will result in a lifetime of memories for his clients. Leivi has worked for both in private event photography, corporate and commercial photography for years.

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