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This bundle colour gel kit is ideal for any photographer looking to be more creative in their work. These gels are a must have to add colour to your work. The gels are very quick and easy to use and can be instantly placed onto the head of the speedlite and locked in place using the diffuser plate (sold separately with the AK-R1 set). Using coloured gels also reduces the time needed for post-production and allows you to get the image exactly how you want it straight out of the camera. The small size of the gels also makes them perfect for using on location.

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Godox V-11C Colour Filter Gel for AK-R1 | Set of 15


Godox AK-R1 Gel Kit


The V-11C comes with 15 different colours which can be overlapped to further the available range. Made from a highly resistant plastic, the colours are water-resistant and tear-resistant, meaning they can sustain a high amount of damage before needing to be replaced. Gels included only. No adapter.


Water Resistant

The V-11C kit comes with water-resistant highly durable plastic thin sleeves. These allow the V-11C to last long, not lose their colour and provide the colours you need when you need them.

Magnetic Modifier

The AK-R1 Colour Gel Attachment *NOT INCLUDED wedges the gels between it's two clear gel holders and the magnetic modifier ring. This seamlessly goes onto any round head flash.

High Contrast Colours

The colours are pure and provide a high contrast on your background when focused to a specific point. These create beautiful, unique colours that are perfect for your Godox flash system.


Range of Lighting

The range of colours and colour temperature gels mean that your choice is almost unlimited across the entire rainbow of colours. This V-11C is just the start.

Mix the Colours

Put two colours together to combine and create more! Double, Triple and Quadruple the size of your colour gels when putting them in the AK-R1's holder.

The Godox AK-R1

The AK-R1 is a seperate kit that can compactly fit into one simple carry bag. With portability in mind, the V-11C is an addition to this kit that makes it stand out!

Main Features 

  • BUNDLE GEL KIT: The V-11C bundle kit comes with 15 different colours designed specifically for Godox Round Head flashes and accessories.
  • CREATE DIFFERENT LIGHTING EFFECTS: These filters are great if you are wanting to be creative with your photography. You can easily change the colour of the background using the gels adding effects to your shoots.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE: Simply place the coloured gels onto the round head of the V1 and hold in place with the diffuser plate (sold separately with the AK-R1 set) to use instantly.
  • COMPATIBILITY: This V-11C bundle filter kit is designed for the Godox V1 speedlites when used with the AK-R1. The gels are also compatible with the Godox S-R1 and AD200 AD200 Pro studio strobe lights when using the round head attachment.
Brand Godox
Model V-11C

  • 1x V-11C Bundle Gel Kit including 15 colour gels

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