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The H200R Round flash head for the AD200 and pro flash is light and portable and offers even and soft light effects for shooting. It also has a magnetic accessory port to achieve a simple and fast user experience with great lighting effects.

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Godox H200R Round Head Attachment for Godox Witstro AD200

Godox H200R Round Head

An Overview 

The H200R features a spiral flash tube and a diffused screen coveer to give a natural and soft lighting effect. The magnetic ring of the H200R allows for magnetic modifiers from third-party brands or from the Godox AK-R1 accessory kit. The weight of the round head is only 180g, meaning it barely adds any weight on top of the Godox AD200 / Pro that would be noticeable. The H200R comes fitted with a 4.3W LED Modelling lamp similar to that of the Godox V1 The head is 200Ws of pure power.



Round Head Attachment

The H200R is an additional head to the AD200 and AD200Pro that does not come as standard. This outstanding head allows you to achieve stunning results with it's feathered circular rim.

EC200 Compatible

The H200R is completely compatible with the EC200 and the AD-B2 AD200 accessories, meaning you will not lose out by using this magnificent head.


The H200R brings soft and even lighting effects with a beautiful, hard storage case so that it is exactly where you need it when you want it.

Main Features 

  • AD200 COMPATIBITY: The H200R round flash head is designed specifically for the AD200 portable flash unit and offers users an even and soft light bring more versatility to the photographer.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The weight of the product is only 180g and has a built in 4.3W LED modelling lamp
  • MAGNETIC ACCESSORY PORT: The Round head adopts a magnetic accessory port to achieve simple and fast installation.
  • EASY TO USE: The H200R round head accessory slides straight on to the AD200 flash unit or extension head allowing for an overall greater user experience.
  • MULTIPLE ACCESSORY COMPATIBILITY: To achieve greater lighting effects, you can use the AK-R1 accessory kit which includes a diffusion ball, colour filters, honeycomb and snoot.


Model H200R
LED Modelling Lamp 4.3W
Diameter 75mm
Weight 180g
Brand Godox 
  • 1x Round Flash Head
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