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Official UK Godox Distributor 

Lencarta are one of the only official distributor's for Godox in the UK! This means that we can provide high quality products from one of the biggest names in flash photography within the UK and throughout mainland Europe. Our range includes key products from the Godox line, including the ever-popular AD200 Pro and their flagship flash head, the AD1200 Pro! We also offer a range of Godox softboxes and triggers to heklp you build a fantastic kit that works flawlessly together and is also exceptionally high quality! Browse through our Godox range here! For any questions please get in touch or access our FAQ page here

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We are the top UK dealer with the lowest costs and best warranty and customer service. Godox are one of the leading manufacturers who specialise in photographic lighting and equipment. They have a vast range of photography equipment including Studio Flash, Portable Flash, Continuous Lighting and accessories. Our range of Godox products include the popular Witstro series such as the AD200, AD400 and AD600. These are portable studio flashes that offer power outputs between 200Ws and 600Ws. The popular Ving speedlite series are also a great option for any photographer looking to use lighting both on camera and off camera. All of these products work with the Godox XPRO and X1T triggers that syncs up directly with any Godox light via a 2.4Ghz radio signal making wireless flash easier than ever to control Along with their unique designs and excellent craftsmanship, Feiyutech have their own mobile application where you can connect to the camera via Bluetooth.

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  1. Godox CB-17 Portable Backpack / Roller Case 55x37x30cm
    Special Price £89.10 £74.25 Was £99.00
    Out of stock
  2. Godox ML60 LED Video Light
    £249.00 £207.50
  3. Godox V1 Speedlite with X2T Trigger
    As low as £253.80 £211.50
  4. Godox VL200 LED Video Light
    £511.99 £426.66
  5. Godox UL-150 Video Light
    £424.00 £353.33
  6. Godox SL150IIW Continuous Light
    £328.00 £273.33
  7. Godox AD100 Pro with XPro Trigger
    As low as £289.80 £241.50
  8. AD100 Pro with X2T Trigger
    As low as £283.50 £236.25
  9. Godox AD100 Pro with S2 Bowens Fit Bracket
    Special Price £257.32 £214.43 Was £285.90
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