This is a collapsible folding background that is designed to resemble a set of stressed or washed out wooden planks/boards. This allows you to create the outdoor vibe and look with ease no matter where you are. Make your photography pop and make it look unique with this background! This 150cm x 200cm folding background is suitable for portraits, couple photos or when used sideways, a small group.

Folds up into a quarter of its size

Free Zipped Carry Bag Included

Photorealistic background for your subject

Wrinkle Resistant Material

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Wooden Photorealistic Folding Background | 1.5m x 2m

Folding Wooden Planking Photorealistic Background

Perfect for portraits and events

An Overview

This collapsible folding photorealistic background is designed to look like a set of washed out or stressed wooden boards/planks. This allows you to create an outdoor look and style in an instant, no matter where you are. Bring the outdoors in, and make your photography pop with something new and unique

Give you photos an outdoor feel and vibe with our 1.5x2m collapsible folding background. With a distinctive wooden wall look, this taut, wrinkle resistant background is ideal for event photographers, or anyone who needs on-the-fly photos with a quirky edge adding new dimensions to their photography.

Collapsing into a quarter of it``s size, we even include a free zipped bag for easy transport and storage. This massive 150cm x 200cm folding background is large enough for portraits, a shot of a couple - or when used sideways - a small group.

    The Features

    • A photorealistic background printed onto a taut wrinkle resistant material
    • Large 150 x 200cm, big enough for even full length portraits, couples and even small groups
    • Use this background to have a photorealistic background for your subject, creating artistic photos
    • Folds up into a quarter of its size.
    • Free zipped carry bag included.
    • Can be lightened if required by lighting the background separately, this can also be done in post processing
    • Can be darkened if required by moving the subject further away, this can also be done in post processing

    Who Is This Perfect For?

    This background is ideal for you if you want to add an realistic background to your photo, it is also great for event photographers who need to get on-the-fly photos with a unique edge

    With a simple lighting set up, this is ideal for both photographers and videographers in need of a quick simple solution.

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