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Reviewed by Dave Massen:

"The reason I chose this is because it is such an underrated product to have in your kit. I do a lot of shooting at locations rather than studios and it gives you a solid background if you dont have one where you are working. It also doubles up (White side) as an amazing reflector when needing to bounce light into a shot. I have used this on beaches to both reflect light and also the black side to dampen down light or flag off light coming in. It folds up to a reasonable size so is portable, even abroad."

Double sided with both Chromakey Black and Pure White, this double sided background is the professional solution for vlogging, videography, photography, streaming and more! Made from a rubberised vinyl, the background completely shuts out any leakage of light, allowing the white to stay pure regardless of whatever is behind it. Key yourself or others out of the background and add any other backdrop of your choice, which can either be a scene that you have shot, or one of the thousands of digital backgrounds that are available.

  • Size: 150x200cm (4.9ftx5.6ft)
  • Colour: Black and Pure White
  • Material: Rubberised Vinyl
  • Carry Bag Included: Yes
  • Carry Bag Size: 70cm
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Reversible Black and White Pop Up Background | Life of Photo | 150 x 200cm

Pop Up Reversible Chromakey Black and Pure White Folding Collapsible Background | 150 x 200cm

This choice of colour is key for those needing a background that offers high constrast to the subject in focus. As an example, if your subject is wearing a blue shirt, you need the green side and vice-versa. This large 1.5 x 2m folding background is perfect for headshots, 3/4 shots, full length portraits, and wide enough for a couple or even a small group, when turned sideways.

The included hanging loops are capable of catching on to anything such as light stands or wall hooks. The metal rings protect from tears on the loops, extending the durability and life of the product.

Size 150cmx200cm (4.9ftx5.6ft)
Colour Black and Pure White
Material Cotton Muslin
Carry Bag Size 70cm Radius

PLEASE NOTE: Please be careful when you open the background, as it may pop up quickly.

  • 1x Pop Up Reversible Chromakey Black and White Background 150cmx200cm
  • 1x 70cm Nylon Carry Case
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