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Shop our range of backdrop stands designed for amateur or professional use. Our backdrop stands come in a range of lengths and heights to suit your photography needs and can take backdrops upto 5kg. UK stock and 1 year guarantee.

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Backdrop stand options

As with anything in life, paying more gets you more, at Lencarta we recommend you buy the best background stand your budget allows. We offer portable background stands such as the T Stands as well as more premium background support kits. For professional studios we offer the professional background system which allows you to hold upto 3 background rolls with chain driven system for easy operation.

Buying Considerations

Backdrop stands come in a variety of materials, sizes and prices, you should consider your own needs and budget before making your decisions.

Types – The most common backdrop stand, which is the one we stock is the T stand, so called due to the t shaped crossbar that sites on top of the stand. You connect the crossbar together to assemble the stand and the backdrop will fix to the stand using pegs or clamps.

Other types of stands include double c stands, standard backdrop stands and telescopic background stands.

Materials – A plastic stand will be more light weight and easier to work with however steel or aluminium will be more durable and long lasting, if you’re in a fixed studio a heavy duty stand is probably the way to go whereas if you need to be on site away from the studio you might prefer the combination of lightweight and durability afforded by an aluminon stand.

Sizes – A variety of stand sizes are available from 1-4m width or height, bigger would be better to cater for most situations in your studio however you might want to consider a telescopic, variable length or height backdrop stand if you plan to shoot outside on location.

Prices – Backdrop stands come in all price ranges and you should purchase the best stand your budget will afford, generally speaking the more you pay the better quality and long lasting the item.

Portability (collapsible) – If you are often shooting outside or on location, you may want to consider a collapsible or portable backdrop stand, these are typically very lightweight and best suited to very lightweight backgrounds such as muslin cloth or paper background rather than a heavyweight fabric