Godox Continuous Lighting

Godox Continuous Lighting
Godox Official UK Godox Distributor. Lencarta is an official UK distributor for Godox products.

In recent years, an increasing number of photographers are joining videographers in using continuous lighting for their shoots. Shot visualization is as simple as can be with LED lighting, and headaches caused by synching your camera and flash units are removed. It is because of this that you can see why there is a move towards continuous lights, especially in the beginner to intermediate levels of photographers.

Godox have seen the market trend towards the demand for quality, reliable and affordable continuous lighting and have a catalogue of impressively powerful LED lights that would be perfect for videographers and photographers alike. Check out the selection of Godox LED lights below. If you need any help deciding on which is the best for you, check out this guide on choosing one perfect for your needs.

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Which Godox Continuous Light Should You Buy?

Since 2009, Godox have made a name for themselves as manufacturers of high quality, yet affordable professional photography studio lighting equipment. Known for their innovation and strong R&D principles behind each product they release, Godox ...


The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Continuous Lighting

Continuous lighting is becoming increasingly popular for photographers/videographers that are looking into studio lighting for the first time. The headache of syncing up your camera to your trigger and flash is removed, and the photographer is ...