RedLine Pro Profold Folding Octa Softbox | Lencarta | 95cm

RedLine Pro Profold Folding Octa Softbox | Lencarta | 95cm

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What's in the box? 
1 x Softbox 
1 x Inner diffuser 
1 x Outer diffuser 
1 x S-fit speedring (fitted)* 
1 x Carry bag

* The S-fit speedring will NOT be included if, in the same order, you buy a speedring to fit a different make of flash head (for example to fit Elinchrom). When this happens your softbox will be delivered with the correct speedring fitted instead.

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Folding Octa Softbox 95cm Redline Pro Profold

Softboxes are often considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light because they combine the soft, diffused light effect of a shoot-through umbrella with the more controlled, directional (but harsher) light of a reflective umbrella. But traditional softboxes do have a major disadvantage, because, when used in the home or when they are transported, they need to be taken apart and reassembled, which can be very time consuming and sometimes difficult.
The Lencarta Folding Pro softboxes completely solve this problem because they open just like an ordinary umbrella - it takes just a few seconds!

Umbrella softboxes have been available for some time but most of them are incapable of producing soft light because they are designed to work like a reflective umbrella, with the flash head between the softbox and the subject, which forces them to be placed too far away for soft lighting. The Lencarta Folding Pro softboxes work in exactly the same way as conventional softboxes, so they can be placed as close as you wish.

This softbox is ideal for use in most home studios, where room size and ceiling height make extra large softboxes unsuitable.

By default, it will fit on Lencarta and Bowens flash heads but you can add a different speedring, to fit either 

Each of our Profold Softboxes is made in the same way, with solid steel construction and uses the same top quality wall and diffusion materials For a softbox to perform well, it needs to be deep, so that the light from the flash head can bounce off of the reflective walls properly, and end up with perfectly even light distribution by the time it reaches the diffusers, and the diffusers need to be made of thick material that diffuses the light properly, and this simply doesn't happen with cheap softboxes that have not been expertly designed and specified.

There are other important features, found on our ProFold range, too. Both diffusers are highly resistant to yellowing with age and they can be wiped clean if needed. The opening mechanism includes a deflector plate, this restricts the light in the centre of the softbox and directs it towards the softbox walls, which creates extremely even and consistent light quality across the entire front diffuser. This deflector completely prevents the hotspots found on other softboxes. And the deflector does even more than this, because it allows either the inner or outer diffuser, or even both diffusers, to be removed from the softbox without creating a hotspot, and of course this makes the ProFold a much more versatile tool for creative photographers.

And good softbox design isn't just about the light that goes forward, it is also about preventing light from escaping from the sides and rear of the softbox, where it is very likely to cause lens flare, reduce the contrast of your shots and spill unwanted light onto reflective surfaces such as the ceiling and walls. So, our Profold Softbox range has extra thick walls and, as the photo on the right shows, also has heavy duty fastening flaps at the rear to stop light leakage.

The front diffuser is deeply recessed, this allows a honeycomb grid to be fitted if required and because the recessed area is covered in hook and loop material,

Godox Witstro / Lencarta Atom
Box contents 1 x Softbox, 1 x Inner diffuser, 1 x Outer diffuser, 1 x S-fit speedring (fitted), 1 x Carry bag
Length (ready to use) 90cm
Width (ready to use) 90cm
Diagonal measurement 97cm
Depth (ready to use) 47cm
Length in box 72cm
Width in box 20cm
Depth in box 20cm
Beauty Dish
Weight in box (kg) 1.81

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