Smartflash 4 600W Studio Lighting Flash Kit for Product and Portrait Photography Ideal for Beginners

Smartflash 4 600W Studio Lighting Flash Kit for Product and Portrait Photography Ideal for Beginners

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Studio Lighting Flash Kit for Product and Portrait Photography for Beginners


This kit includes everything you need to get started in studio photography, this SmartFlash 4 Studio Kit includes two newly designed ultra-compact flash heads, offering many important new features, including a 5-stop power range (full power reducing to 1/32nd power), full remote control, fan cooling and full control of the modelling lamp. This quick and easy lighting kit is the perfect choice for anybody looking to build a photography studio. Ideal for product and portrait photography.

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: This quick and easy lighting kit is the perfect choice for anybody looking to build a photography studio. Ideal for product and portrait photography. With 300W of power, The Smartflash 4 is ideal for studio photography and with the popular S-fit mount you can use the majority of light shapers in the market. It has been designed as the ultimate affordable studio workhouse, capable of many different types of photography.  

UNIVERSAL TRIGGER: The Smart flash 4 is completely compatible across major camera brands. With full TTL connectivity for Canon E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL auto flash, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus and Panasonic TTL auto flash systems.

STRONG AND DURABLE: This professional 2.1m Light stand is a must have for any photo or video project. Durable and strong enough for studio flash, portable flash, modifiers, and so many more. This impact resistant 2.1m light stand is completely adjustable between 34cm to 210cm with the two-section tier extension. Combined with a footprint of 25cm for maximum stability.

85CM x 85cm Redline Pro Chiaro Soft box: These soft boxes are ideal for when soft light is needed and are perfect for portrait and small product photography. They have a deeply recessed outer diffuser so are ideal for controlling light spill, especially when using to light the background or to feather the light.

TWO YEAR WARRANTY: This product comes with two years warranty meaning we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a fault of any kind during the warranty period. 


  • RECYCLING SPEED: 1.2 seconds at full power 0.3 seconds at minimum power
  • FITTING: Standard S-fit
  • Whats In The Box?

  • 2x Smartflash 4 flash heads
  • 1x trigger wave sync commander
  • 2x 2.1 spring damped Light Stands
  • 2x standard reflectors
  • 2x UK power Leads
  • 2x Protective Head Caps
  • 1x Sync Cable
  • 2x 85cm x 85cm Softbox
  • 2x 150W modelling lamps
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you decide you want to return your product, we have your back. All we ask is that you contact us first, and return the item back to us in the condition that you received it.

    We ask that you contact us first so we can provide you with an RMA number. This allows us to process your return much quicker.

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    Lencarta SmartFlash 4 Studio Flash Head

    The enhanced design of the SmartFlash range of studio flash heads, the Lencarta SmartFlash 4 is the perfect addition to any studio of any size. Thanks to it's robust, compact and lightweight body the SmartFlash 4 can easily be packed away or stored within most equipment cases when not in use. The Smart Flash 4 is ideal for photographers starting out in flash as well as seasoned veterans due to it's easy to use interface and plug-and-play like set up. With 300Ws of power, the SmartFlash 4 is perfect for studio photography, and with the S-fit bayonet mount you can use the majority of light shapers on the market. The SmartFlash 4 flash head strobe has been designed to be the ultimate affordable studio workhorse, capable of many different types of photography - ideal for portraits, product, pet, newborn, wedding and corporate photography.

    Who is this perfect for?

    Ideal for beginners or seasoned photography veterans looking for a strong and powerful key or additional piece of lighting equipment that can bring depth, ease of use and quality to ones work.

    Who is this not perfect for?

    Photographers who are looking for outdoor portable battery powered strobes or the use of HSS/TTL advanced features.

    Key Points

    Perfect for people who:

    • Are needing an affordable key light.
    • Starting out in photography and need an easy to use flash
    • Want a flash that can last a long time, supported by a long warranty

    Not Perfect for people who:

    • Need a portable outdoor flash strobe
    • Looking to use HSS/TTL advanced features

    The Main Features

    Built In 2.4Ghz Receiving System

    The SmartFlash IV's Built in 2.4Ghz receiver will allow you to use the smartflash 4 directly with any Godox or Lencarta triggering system running from a 2.4Ghz frequency, This includes the popular Godox Xpro, X2T and X1T models of transmitters.

    300Ws Of Pure Studio Power

    With a power ranging from 1/32 - 1/1 steps with 9.375Ws being the lowest and 300Ws being the highest, you are in full control of the exact amount of power you require to achieve that shot.

    150W Halostar Modelling Lamp

    The SmartFlash 4 is supplied with a 150W modelling lamp. The power of the modelling lamp is fully adjustable in 10 simple steps. The modelling lamp also dims while recycling, so you'll have a visual confirmation that it's ready to fire again even if you've switched off the ready beep.

    Bowens S-Fit Attachment Ring

    The head of the Smartflash 4 comes with a built in Bowens S-fit modifier attachment ring, allowing you to attach a large range of modifiers and light shapers directly onto your SmartFlash IV.

    Precise Contrast Output Display

    The digital control knob adjusts the power setting and displays it on the LCD control panel. This allows you to precisely adjust the power settings exactly to your required needs.

    Lightweight and Compact

    With the head cap fitted, The SmartFlash 4 is just 35cm long, 13.2cm diameter, and weighs in at just 1.56kg. This is ideal for a home studio or even transporting to indoor locations.

    Internal Heat Protection

    With a built-in fan and internal heat protection, the SmartFlash IV keeps your mind free from worry. Before any damage is done to the unit, it will stop itself firing and instantly become available again due to it's high efficiency built-in fan.

    3 Years Lencarta Warranty

    Designed in the UK, the SmartFlash IV is a well thought out flash for photographers by photographers. We back our product by offering a 3 year warranty, knowing that you will get a quality product.

    Lencarta In House Repair Centre

    At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best after care and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair centre that is available to anyone needing a repair. FeiyuTech products bought from us come with a 2 year warranty included! Find out more here.

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