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Shop our range of professional C Stands designed for mounting your studio lights or modifiers overhead. Great quality steel construction with 2 Years Wraranty. 

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C Stands are fairly simple pieces of equipment that basically keep your lights and modifiers afloat ie in the air pointing downwards. Typically, most photographers buy on price and budget, in our experience paying more and buying better durable stands will reap its rewards. That being said irrespective of your budget the following will help you make your decision.

Weight / Portability – c stands tend to be very heavy, to do their job well they need to be, its all about balance and gravity. A good quality c stands will be heavy and made of steel.

Base / legs – c stand bases are noticeably different to other lighting stands, that’s because they are design to be weighted down using sandbags, you will notice that the leg sections are different heights to enable you to do this. On some models the bases are detachable.

Centre column – this will be heavy and made of steel like the rest of the stand, look out for adjustable columns (2 riser sections) which are ideal fro adjusting the height to suit.

Boom and grips heads – a c stand is all about the boom! The boom arm is a counterweight to keep your light or modifier stable, usually you will add a weight to the bottom of the boom whilst attaching the light or modifier to the top or grip head.