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The FeiyuTech AK2000The ever popular RedLine Pro Profold folding softbox range is designed with a solid steel construction, thick, top quality wall and anti-yellowing diffusion materials and a swift, simple opening mechanism. Much like an umbrella, the Profold range can be erected and deconstructed within seconds. Each softbox was designed by photographers for photographers with usability and ease in mind. The Profold softboxes are fitting with an interchangeable speedring, meaning should you decide to swap your equipment from one brand to another, you do not need to buy a whole new range of modifiers! Each softbox comes with their very own 3 year warranty and are built for quality and results.

  • Size: 140x27cm
  • Diffusers Included: Yes, Inner and outer.
  • Honeycomb Included: No, sold seperately.
  • Opening Mechanism: Umbrella Profold
  • Nylon Carry Case and Bowens S-fit Speedring Included.

Redline Pro Profold Folding Strip Softbox | Lencarta | 140 x 27cm

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Lencarta 140 x 27cm  Folding Pro Strip Softbox to fit Lencarta/Bowens

Softboxes are often considered to be the ideal tool for creating soft light, because they combine the soft, diffused light effect of a shoot-through umbrella with the controlled, directional (but harsher) light of a reflective umbrella. Strip soft boxes are ideal in several different lighting situations. They are the perfect tool for creating both highly controlled rim lighting for both portrait and fashion shots and for full length shots, for emphasizing the shape in glamour shots and for creating the perfect shape of specular highlight in product shots, for example wine bottles. The speed ring is fitted with a locking nut, allowing the softbox to be rotated to the exact angle needed, and when used horizontally, it’s perfect for lighting groups of people or the full length of a product in product photography

  • Lencarta Profolds comes with 4 carbon fibre rods, capable of withstanding an extreme amount of pressure.
  • With a Strip design, the 27x140cm is able to even lighting effects when creating a slim line for portraits and products.
  • The Lencarta Profold comes with everything you need included, such as a portable bag and inner and outer diffuser
  • With an umbrella opening mechanism, the softbox is ready to go within seconds. Simply slot up the umbrella rod and when you're done, unleash the latch to flatten.

The Main Features

Umbrella Opening Mechanism
Silver Reflective Surface
D Rings

Umbrella Opening Mechanism

The Profold System features the standard with an umbrella opening mechanism. This allows the softbox to fold and open in seconds. This allows it to be incredibly practical, portable and good to swap out during shoots.

Silver Reflective Surface

The UV-Coated silver reflective surface allows the light to bounce and create soft and even lighting effects across it's whole face. This allows for reliable lighting exactly when you need it.

D Rings

The D-Ring allows for you to tie down the softbox, one of the unique points of the softbox. This means should you be taking the softbox to a particularly windy beach, you can simply tie it down to keep your flash safe!

Included Diffusers
Made By British Photographers
Bowens S-Fit

Included Diffusers

The included inner and outer diffuser are made from a high quality stain-proof material. This means you can use paints and power and rest easy knowing it will wash off. This softens the light and creates a more natural feel.

Made By British Photographers

The Profold Range is designed by Photographers for Photographers. We understand the need for perfect lighting whether for photography or videography. We are one of you!

Bowens S-Fit

The Bowens S-Fit modifier allows you to seamlessly connect the softbox to your Bowens, Lencarta or Godox Witstro lighting. Unless specified, no adapters are neccessary! The speedring is also interchangeable!


    Brand Lencarta
    Model Profold 27x140cm
    Size 27x140cm
    Inner Surface UV-Coated White
    Mount Type Bowens S-fit Mount
    Depth 53cm
    Weight 1.25kg
    Compatibility Godox AD200, AD200Pro, AD400Pro, AD600Pro, AD1200Pro, S2 Mount, STR-1 Mount, Lencarta SmartFlash, SuperFast Pro and more...

    Repair BannerLencarta In House Repair Centre

    At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best after care and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair centre that is available to anyone needing a repair. FeiyuTech products bought from us come with a 2 year warranty included! Find out more here

      More Information
      Softbox ShapeStrip
      Softbox TypeProFold Softboxes
      Speedring FittingLencarta / Bowens S-Fit
      • 1x 140x27cm Profold Folding Strip Softbox | Redline
      • 1x Nylon Carry Case
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