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Hakutatz BannerThe Hakutatz photography light box is perfect for taking product photography. This all in one cube creates a good, clean background for whatever you are needing to photograph.

  • Light and Portable
  • Easy To Use
  • Multiple Uses
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Product Photography Light Box | Hakutatz | 40cm

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Small LED Photography Light Box | 40cm


Whether you're selling on your website, on eBay or Amazon, what you need is a photography solution that creates good, clean photos, with no skills, expensive and fragile lights needed, no staff training or special camera and very little space. This 40cm LED Light Cube Kit is perfect for photographing any product up to 30cm wide. It has the massive advantage that it INCLUDES 2 detachable LED Strip Lights, which can be positioned on the top and the front. Photos can be taken from the top and the front using the flaps which minimize the reflection of the camera/photographer

  • Perfect for all online sellers - Perfect for use with any camera, like smartphones. Produces high quality, consistent photos for websites, eBay, Amazon, etc. with no need for dexterity or for time consuming and expensive computer work. If you sold cakes, gifts, antiques, flowers, shoes, this product is perfect for you.
  • No extra bulbs are necessary - Our LED light cube incl. Two neon tubes each with 42 high-quality LEDs. The lights generate a massive 3600 lumens. The LED strips have a high CRI rating for accurate color reproduction, which is fundamental, because the cheap lighting equipment sold at low prices does not reproduce colors faithfully.
  • No extra space is needed - It measures only 43cm x 43cm x 43cm, and, since no extra lighting is needed, it does not need extra space, making it ideal for a small space. Ideal for photogaphing all products up to 30 inches wide.
  • Free Accessories - This kit comes complete with a diffuser, 3 interchangeable vinyl backgrounds and 1 background black, to match all the felt themes. If you are shooting products with a glossy surface, place the diffuser on the ceiling of the light tent, which softens the light and reduce the reflection from the LEDs

The Main Features

lencarta photography light box
lencarta light box
lencarta small photography LED light box

Online Business'

LED light tents are perfect for small businesses wanting to take control of their own product photography at low cost. The light box creates clean and professional photos perfect for consistent photography on websites.

Online Selling

If you are selling smaller items online using platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, LED tents are perfect for this as they are quick and easy to use and require little to no editing.

Product Photography

These LED tents are great for all kinds of product photography. Flowers and other items with bright colours stand out really well against the backgrounds included.

lencarta light box
multiple uses

Light and Portable

The light box folds away into a compact design which can be carried with ease. No extra bulbs are required as there are already 2 LED detachable Strip Lights - perfect for people that are limited on space or storage.

Easy To Use

Constructed with black nylon-type material and folds up and assembles in seconds and the top has removable panels, which allows photos to be taken from above and from the front.

Multiple Uses

These LED tents are suitable for almost all camera types such as Smartphones, DLSR's, compact cameras, bridge cameras, mirrorless cameras and more.


Size (Unfolded) 40x40x40cm
Size (Folded) 40x40x3cm
Weight 3.3kg
Outer Colour Black
Inner Colour Silver
No. of Lights 2 Strips, each with 42 LEDs
Light Output 3600 Luments
Input Voltage 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Power Cables UK and EU Included
Brand Hakutatz

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Lencarta In House Repair Centre

At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best after care and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair centre that is available to anyone needing a repair. FeiyuTech products bought from us come with a 2 year warranty included! Find out more here.


  • 1x Foldable Light Tent
  • 2x LED Strip Light
  • 3x Vinyl Backdrops (White/Blue/Orange)
  • 1x Felt Backdrop (Black)
  • 1x Diffuser
  • 1x UK Power Cable
  • 1x EU Power Cable
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