SuperFast High Speed Flash

SuperFast High Speed Flash

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This revolutionary new flash head uses IGBT technology to produce incredibly short flash durations that can freeze even really fast action such as jumping, dancing, hair, martial arts and even bursting balloons, as well as all the other jobs that a high quality studio flash head can do!

Photo: Owen LloydInsulated-gate bipolar transistor technology works in the same way with this new flash head as with hotshoe flashes, which means that the flash duration becomes progressively shorter when the power is reduced, this is the opposite of what happens with conventional flash heads. At full power, the SF300 produces 300Ws of flash power and behaves exactly like a conventional flash head, with a respectable t.1 flash duration of just 1/1600th second (roughly equivalent to a conventional flash head with a stated flash duration of 1/4800th sec), this reduces to an incredible 1/20,000th second at minimum power.

The more powerful SuperFast 600 has a t.1 flash duration of just 1/800th second (roughly equivalent to a conventional flash head with a stated flash duration of 1/2400th sec), this also reduces to an incredible 1/20,000th second at minimum power. Even at their slowest setting (full power) these SuperFast flash heads closely match or exceed the performance of even the most expensive flash heads produced by Bron, Profoto and Bowens, and leave all other makes far behind!

None of the other IGBT flashes available from other manufacturers come close to the SuperFast in terms of build quality, consistency, output or performance.

Our fully featured Wavesync radio trigger set, with full remote control of all functions, acts as both a radio trigger and remote control for the SuperFast. The same system is used with our SmartFlash 2, ElitePro 2, Safari 2 and Atom, so can be used in conjunction with any or all of them.

A customer, dance photographer Owen LLoyd, has published a very interesting blog on one of his shoots, using the SuperFast

And Advanced Photographer has now published their own independent review, which praises the performance - issue No.32, published June 2013

Please see this article (In Advanced Photographer) showing the SuperFast being used to capture water splashes

Please see our latest blog entry for more info

One of our customers, Studio Nijmegan, has produced a video showing the SuperFast in use.

And another of our customers, Owen Lloyd, has carried out a shoot at our studio and has written about it on our blog and also on his own blog

This video shows the features and controls of the SuperFast and its kit contents, and applies equally to both the 300 and 600 models.

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