ElitePro 2 600Ws

ElitePro 2 600Ws

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Introducing the new ElitePro 2 600Ws…

The new ElitePro2 is  available in both 300Ws and 600Ws models, this page features the 600Ws model and the 300Ws model is available here. The ElitePro 2 is crammed with new technology.

  • 5 stops of power adjustment
    .  A full 5 stops of adjustment opens the creative possibilities and allows larger apertures to be used when needed
  • Powerful modelling lamp. The 150 watt modelling lamp is the brightest in its class, and  is fully adjustable to match, if required, the power set on the flash head. The modelling lamp also dims while recycling, so you'll have a visual confirmation that it's ready to fire again even if you've switched off the ready beep
  • S1/S2 slave options, the slave cell can be set to either respond to or to ignore the first flash, allowing it to be used with hotshoe flashguns that fire a pre-flash. The slave cell can also be switched off, so that it doesn't flash in response to other people's flashes.
  • Auto power dumping, this makes it necessary to fire the flash manually when the power setting has been reduced.
  • Full remote control via USB port. This allows you to set the controls on the ElitePro2 using our Wavesync Commander. as well as on the flash head
  • Uses the same remote control as our other new technology flashes. This means that you can use the ElitePro2 in conjunction with our other new technology flashes (SuperFast, Atom, SmartFlash 2 and future models) and control all of them individually from the transmitter fitted to your camera hotshoe.
  • Fan cooled, to avoid the risk of overheating. It also has overheat protection, for extra safety.
  • Precise digital control of power, displayed on the LCD display panel. The digital control knob adjusts the power setting and displays it on the LCD control panel.

Be in Control

Full digital control is great, and on the ElitePro 2 it's very easy to use. You can adjust the power over its entire range by turning just one knob. Instantly set five stops of power adjustment from 18Ws to 600Ws with precision control.
Modelling lamp control is also simple. Choose from full brightness, to off, or anywhere in between, simply by turning one knob.
The various buttons control modelling lamp on or off, flash ready beep on or off and slave cell on or off.
Or control these functions using our Wavesync Commander, at any distance up to 100m.

Full Metal Body.
The new ElitePro 2 has a tough but lightweight aluminium case that protects its interior from knocks, and protects you from the risk of electric shock.
As well as the tough exterior, clever software takes care of the interior components as well as the user replaceable flash tube and powerful 250 watt Halostar modelling lamp. This software automatically switches off the modelling lamp after a period of approximately two hours, to extend the life of the lamp and to prevent any possibility of overheating.

And because the new ElitePro 2 uses the same Wavesync Commander system  that's used on our SuperFast, Atom and SmartFlash 2 flashes, it can be used alongside them, in the same shoots. This is the remote control and triggering system that we've now adopted as standard, so the new SmartFlash 2 will be compatible with our future flash heads too.

The new ElitePro 2 is also available in a choice of complete kits

Fitted with the standard reflector (available separately) it produces a guide number of 230 (equivalent to f/22 @ 10’ at 100 ISO or f/13 when fitted with a 150cm softbox) which is ideal for portrait, glamour or fashion photography.Please note that this reflector, shown in the 360 photo, is NOT included.

Its 5 stops of power adjustment allows a wide choice of aperture settings, it has extremely accurate power consistency and colour temperature consistency, full power recycling of only 1.4 second, the minimum power adjustment of 0.4 second allows it to keep up with most cameras even in continuous shooting mode,  and it accepts all of the vast range of light shaping tools and modifiers produced in the very popular Bowens ‘S’ fitting.

The flash tube is extremely unlikely to fail, but it's good to know that all Lencarta flashtubes are available at very reasonable prices and are user changeable.

Please choose a reflector, if required, from our light shapers page. The standard reflector  is the best choice for most people.

Each flash head also comes with:
1 x Protective Head cap
1 x 150W modelling lamp
1 x Protective cover for flash tube
1 x Mains cable
1 x Sync cable
2 x Spare fuses

What's included?
Box contents 1 x ElitePro 2 600Ws flash head 1 x Protective Head cap 1 x 250W modelling lamp 1 x Protective cover for flash tube 1 x Mains cable 1 x Sync cable 2 x Spare fuses 1 x FREE spare modelling lamp
Flash head
Recycling speed 1.2 secs at full power 0.4 sec at minimum power
Guide No. (feet) 230
Guide No. (metres) 99.14
f/ with standard reflector @ 10' f/23
f/ with 60 x 60cm softbox @ 10' f/10
f/ with150cm softbox @ 10' f/10
Colour temperature at minimum power 5220K
Colour temperature at full power 5520K
Colour temperature consistency Variation between flashes is too small to measure
Mains/battery Mains, can also be used with any 3rd party battery system
Standard S-fit accessory mount Yes
Power adjustment range 5 stops
Power adjustment display Digital
Modelling lamp power 250 W
Modelling lamp dims during recycling Yes
Switchable flash ready beep Yes
Switchable slave sensor Yes
Can ignore pre-flash Yes, set control to S.2
Open flash/test button Yes
Length of body (cm) 39.5
Remote control available Yes
Umbrella socket Yes, at top of flash head. Accepts standard 8mm umbrella
Length of warranty 3 Years
Weight (kg) 3.1
Auto power dumping Yes

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