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The AD200 barn door kit includes one removable honeycomb grid, one barn door and 4 colours that are designed to be used with the Godox AD200 pocket flash. This product is ideal for any photographer that is looking to experiment more with lighting techniques both in studio and on location. It is reliable and portable due to its excellent build quality and its size and weight.

4 Different Colours

Strong Build Quality

User Friendly

- Easily Attachable 

- Offers varied lighting options 

Barn Doors and Colour Gels Set for the Godox/Witstro AD200


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Barn Doors and Colour Gels Set for the Godox/Witstro AD200


The AD200 Barn door kit includes one barn door, one removable honeycomb grid and 4 colours designed to be used with the Godox AD200 pocket flash. This product is ideal for any photographer looking to experiment more with lighting techniques both on location and in the studio. Its excellent build quality make it both reliable and portable due to its size and weight.

Barn Doors
Barn Doors
Barn Doors

Included Gels

The BD-07 comes included with 4 gels, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue. These are supported with a metallic frame and can really bring creativity to your work. These are perfect for photographers or videographers ready to take the next step.

Included Honeycomb

The included metallic honeycomb grid is set at 50°. The honeycomb grid completely eliminates lens flare and helps bring focus to your shooting. Should you want to light something with high contrast, the grid is perfect to do so.

Included Barndoors

The AD200 comes with 4 barn door panels which can help cut and sculpt the light exactly how you want it. Completely adjustable and foldable on itself, the barn doors and incredibly robust and compact for travelling. They are not easily broken.

Barn Doors
Barn Doors

CompatibilityThe thick joint squeezes around the head of the AD200 and AD200Pro, as well as other similar sized fresnel speedlight heads. The very snug fit means that it will not fall should it be tilted forward at all.

Aluminium Frame

The Aluminium Alloy Frame means that the BD-07 is incredibly robust and very unlikely to break. The only worry with this kit is a few minor scratches which will not effect the overall job of the kit.

The Kit

The kit is incredibly compact and weighs less than 100g in total. Built with metal frames and with the thought in mind that only one purchase is ever neccessary for this kit for you speedlights and AD200's.

Main Features

  • BARN DOORS: When combining the barn door and the removable honeycomb grid on the AD200, this allows you to produce directional light and shadowing effects giving you a better shooting experience.
  • HONEYCOMB GRID: The Honeycomb grids are typically used for preventing you from getting lens flare when you are backlighting or rim lighting your subject. This product will allow you to achieve this effect with the AD200 portable light and fits perfectly on the front of the AD200 allowing for more convenience.
  • FOUR DIFFERENT COLOURS: The barn door kit comes with four different colour gels giving you more flexibility with your lighting. Included are yellow, green, red and blue gels. This helps you to achieve different colour effects with the Godox AD200.
  • STRONG BUILD QUALITY: Made from aluminium, the barn doors have an excellent build quality whilst also maintaining its portable use, weighing just 180g. This product is ideal for location photography due to the robust frame.
  • USER FRIENDLY: The barn door kit is very simple and easy to use. Simply place the barn doors and the honeycomb onto the AD200 portable light and it is ready to be used. To add the coloured gels just place each one on the front of the unit to achieve different lighting effects.


Material Aluminium
Compatibility Godox Witstro AD200 and AD200Pro
Item Weight 180g
Package Size 10.5 x 7.5 x 4.5cm
Gel Colours Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Brand Godox

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What's In the Box?

  • 1x Barn Door
  • 1x Honeycomb
  • 4x Colour Filters (yellow, green, red, blue)
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