Refurbished Lencarta Atom 180 Portable Flash Complete Kit

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Refurbished Lencarta Atom 180 Portable Flash Complete Kit

  • Brand: Lencarta
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Do you have a showroom? Can I try the equipment before buying them?
  • We have a showroom at our warehouse in West Yorkshire where you can see and try out our equipment before you buy. You're more than welcome to bring your camera along too. It would be helpful if you could ring to make an appointment, but an appointment isn't essential. Also, we have a number of distributors in different areas.

    Lencarta Support
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Can I use Lencarta lighting equipment in continental Europe?
  • Yes you can. All Lencarta lighting equipment have built in voltage stabilisers, and will automatically adjust to accept mains power of between 180-240 volts. For European customers on the continent, we supply power leads with euro-spec plugs, so there is no need for adapters. Just plug in and use!

    Lencarta Support
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How important is the colour temperature of my flash heads?
  • It depends partly on the standard of work you want to produce and partly on the type of subject. For some food advertising shots you'll need incredibly consistent colour temperature, but for most portraits a tolerance of up to 300K is fine, although some makes of flash heads can vary by far more than this. All Lencarta flash heads are fully tested for colour temperature at every power setting, and are guaranteed to be accurate. Unfortunately, by no means all suppliers state accurate figures.

    Lencarta Support
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Can I safely plug my flash heads into an extension lead, or does each flash head need to have its own socket?
  • It's good safety practice never to use extension leads, but flash heads don't consume much power so can be plugged into multi-connectors provided that they are in good condition and suitable for the amount of amperage involved. Even our most powerful flash head, the ElitePro 600, only consumes just over 2.5 amps so in theory up to 5 can be run from a single extension cable rated at 13 amps.

    Lencarta Support
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What does the guide number mean?
  • The guide number is a measurement of the actual power created by the flash head. It's more useful than the power itself, for example 200 Ws, because that refers only to the amount of power stored in the capacitors, not to the amount of power that you actually get.

    The guide number is measured with the flash head fitted with a standard reflector (other types of reflector or light modifier will produce different readings) and with the ISO set to 100.

    Lencarta guide number tests are carried out in a commercial studio, where the large size produces conservative figures that you can trust. The same tests carried out in a smaller room, and especially if it has white walls, will produce higher figures.

    A guide number of, say, 100 (SmartFlash) means that at a distance of 10' from the light, an aperture of f/10 will give you the correct exposure. We arrive at this figure by dividing the distance in feet from the flash meter to the flash head, which gives us the aperture. Using this method, the guide No. of 162 (ElitePro 300 gives an aperture of f/16.2 and the 232 guide No. of the ElitePro 600 gives an aperture of f/23.2.

    Some people express guide numbers in meters instead of in feet. To convert a guide No. from feet to metres, multiply the number by 0.328. You'll see that 100 becomes 32.8, 162 becomes 53.14 and 232 becomes 76.1.

    Unfortunately, by no means all suppliers state accurate figures.

    Lencarta Support
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Will the Superfast pro work with your other flashheads with wireless..
I currently have 2 of your SF300 units and as i noticed the pro has a built in receiver was wondering if the Superfast pro will work using the same wireless trigger.
  • Hi Biggles,

    Yes, you can use the SuperFast 300's and the SuperFast Pro together. The SuperFast Pro has a built in 2.4GHz Receiver. If you are already using the 2.4GHz system (denoted by 2.4 written on the Triggers and Receivers) you wont need to get anything else to use the SuperFast Pro with your SuperFast 300's. If you are using the old 443MHz system (2.4 isn't written on the Trigger or Receivers) you will either need to upgrade your triggers, or simply buy a 443MHz Reciever to plug into the SuperFast Pro.

    You can find the 2.4GHz Triggers here.

    You can find the 443MHz Receivers here

    Lencarta Suport Team
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Atom 180 COMPLETE Portable Flash Kit

This is the COMPLETE Atom 180 Flash KIT, which includes the Atom 180 Flash head, the Atom PowerPack, battery charger and other essential accessories.  Please see this page for the flash head only or this page for the Battery Pack

The Atom 180  is basically a high-quality hotshoe flashgun on steroids.

It has all the normal flashgun features of small size, light weight, battery power etc., and it has other important benefits too.

Guide No. of 60(m) or 196 (ft). This is a TRUE guide number, measured at 100 ISO with the standard reflector. (Guide numbers for hotshoe flashguns are exaggerated by taking measurements at their maximum zoom range).

It has a removable reflector, this allows any of the range of Atom Light shaping tools to be used with it, greatly increasing its creative capabilities, and also means that it can be used bare bulb. This is especially important when used with a softbox, as it allows the light to spread around the softbox walls, cover the entire area and produce very even illumination.

Recycling at full power is 2.6 seconds at full power and becomes progressively faster as the power is reduced. At minimum power, it is ready for use in just 0.05 seconds (1/20th second), allowing it to be used in burst mode with even the fastest cameras.

Flash duration is astonishing too, at full power, the flash duration is a respectable 1/800th second, at minimum power, it is an incredible 1/10,000th second, both figures are t.1 times.

And colour temperature is amazing too, the Atom has a benchmark colour temperature of 5600K and only varies by 200K.

And it is packed with useful features, including:
    Full tilt/swivel of flash head
    Focus assist beam (switchable)
    HSS (high-speed sync requires a suitable flash trigger)
    Strobe (take several shots on the same frame, e.g. gymnastics)
    Full remote control/triggering (optional extra)
    Please click on the Data tab for full specifications

What's in the box?

  • Atom 180 Flash head
  • Flash tube
  • Standard reflector
  • Atom PowerPack
  • PowerPack Charger
  • Soft bag for flash head
  • Connecting lead, PowerPack to flash head
  • Stand with cold shoe fitting
  • Stand with tripod fitting

Weight of flash head, including flash tube: 616g

Weight of complete kit in box: 2040g

This Lencarta Atom 180 has been fully tested and has only been used as a showroom item

Flash head
Length of warranty 3 Years
Atom specs
Maximum power 180Ws
Minimum power 1.4Ws
Number of flashes per battery charge 900 at full power, this figure doubles each time the power is reduced by 1 stop
Guide No. (ft) 196
Guide No. (M) 60
Power adjustment range 7 stops (1/1 - 1/128)
Recycling speed Recycling at full power is2.5 seconds and becomes progressively faster as the power is reduced. At minimum power, it is ready for use in just 0.05 seconds (1/20th second), allowing it to be used in burst mode with even the fastest cameras.
Switchable slave sensor Yes
Weight (kg) Weight of flash head, including flash tube: 616g Weight of complete kit in box: 2040g
Supports HSS Yes, when used with a suitable radio trigger only.
Power adjustment display Digital
Burst mode Can be used in bursts of up to 75 continuous shots at full power. Can be used in bursts of up to 500 continuous shots at minimum power
Barebulb facility Yes, allowing it to be used with softboxes, beauty dishes etc without loss of light spread
Flash head swivel Yes. Flash head swivels 270 degrees
Flash head tilt Yes, Flash head tilts between -150 and +90 degrees
Focus assist beam Yes
Full remote control Yes, available
Overheat protection system Yes
Accessory mount Atom/Witstro as standard, can be converted to standard S-fit by adding our S-fit adapter
Can ignore Pre-Flash Yes
Box contents Atom 180 Flash head, Flash tube, Standard reflector, Atom PowerPack, PowerPack Charger, Soft bag for flash head, Connecting lead, PowerPack to flash head. Stand with coldshoe fitting, Stand with tripod fitting, Atom Protection Cap,

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