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Ideal for a wide range of projects, this background support stand features a sturdy tripod T bar base to keep a background of your choice secure and in place. Due to its compact and lightweight design, this background stand is great for taking out on the go. The stand is fully adjustable to your needs, offering two levels of height so you can position your background as required.

Compact and Lightweight

Adjustable Height

User Friendly

- Highly Portable 

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T Stand Background Support Kit | Hakutatz

T Stand Background Support 


This T background support stand is ideal for discos, DJ Performances, photography and other spotlight use where suspended lights are required. Its features include a sturdy tripod base complete with T-bar, this can be adjusted in height to meet all requirements. In addition, the tripod base gives the stand a well-balanced support allowing it to hold the lights and also give a more lightweight stand than some other designs of lighting stands. Included with the product are 2 very strong clamps and will hold almost anything in place including support poles, cables, and backdrops and can even be used for D.I.Y jobs.

  • Adjustable Leg Length Boom - The Foldable Stand offers you a 2 levels, adjustable height option to help you use a variety of background sizes. Its versatility in size will leave you the choice of photographing small products for e-commerce, catalog photography or larger products with its adjustable height.
  • Portable / Compact Design - Its lightweight, sturdy construction make it quick and easy to assemble and provides excellent support for your lighting effects. Simply set the tripod to the desired height, attach the T-bar and then tension the integrated fittings to your needs. This is the perfect application when a mobile lighting system is required.
  • Alluminum Alloy Construction - This T-Bar Lighting Stand has a strong and durable aluminum alloy quality giving you extra strength in using both in a studio or location environment. It is also lightweight and small in size can be folded down, making it portable and easy to stow away after use. Its solid locking features will keep your lighting or other attachable equipment safe.
  • Ideal for - the T-shaped stand is ideal for a quick and easy background support kit. This T-stand is also great for clothing photographers who want to minimize the clothing from the crossbar to rework.
  • Easy to use - the T-Stand has been specially designed to make it user-friendly and quick to set up, making it the perfect product for both novice and advanced photographers. It also comes with 2 specially designed grip clamps ideal for attaching paper, canvas or muslin backdrops to a crossbar.
Minimum Height 80cm / 31 Inches
Maximum Height 200cm / 79 Inches
Width 200cm / 79 Inches
Colour Black

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