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The RBGW LED Panel is the perfect lighting product for anybody looking to get creative in their photography or videography work. The RGBW LEDs can produce all the colours of the spectrum using saturation, levels and Hue. It has full colour adjustments and a colour temperature of 3000-6500K allowing you more range and creativity in your work. The brightness can be fully adjusted from 0-100% giving you even more control with your lighting. 

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RGBW Pocket Sized LED Video Light CRI+95 3000–6500K

LED Video Light

RGBW Pocket-Sized LED Video Light CRI+95 3000–6500K

The HTZ-152 is a specially designed model from Hakutatz, aimed at helping those needing something super compact and portable. powerful pocket-sized LED Video Light, capable of outputting up to 12V of pure LED power. I am completely adjustable in power, colour temperature and colour with 360 colours to choose from.

  • The HTZ-152 is completely adjustable in all aspects of its lighting, from brightness to colour temperature and colour mode. Make your shoots, vlogs or streams extra creative with this specialised tool.
  • Featuring a CRI rating of 96+ and TLCI rating of 97+, the HTZ-152 can be used in commercial video and tv projects with its colour rendition.
  • The HTZ-152 features 8 FX modes, including lightning, tv flicker, sirens and more, as well as up to 360 unique colours to pick from.

The Main Features

App Integration
Long Battery Life
User-Friendly Display


The brightness can be controlled in 10 stops allowing you to adjust the brightness exactly to how you need in for your work.


Controlling the brightness to 50% is great for using with portraits as the light will be less harsh and have an overall natural glow on your subject.


This is great if you are using the Ring Light in Low light conditions. It is also a great option if you are using light for conference calls or youtube videos/ online blogging.

High CRI Rating
8 FX Modes
Perfect Lighting

High CRI Rating

The High Colour Rendition Index Rating means that the HTZ 152 can be used in professional commercial film making across its entire colour range. Similarly, the unit has a TLCI rating of 97+ across its entire colour range, suitable for movies and tv!

8 FX Modes

The 8 FX modes of the HTZ 152 range from a fireplace flicker, firework colours, lightning, tv flickers, siren lights and much, much more! Due to its incredibly compact size, this unit is amazing and getting a very subtle feel to your very delicate scenes.

Perfect Lighting

The HTZ 152 gives you the options to play with your lighting. Purchase one for the actual shot to get the mood you actually want and perhaps another to act as a colourful backdrop to your product photography or videography projects? A fabulous solution!


Model HTZ 152 RGBAW
Colour Base RGBAW (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White)
Number of LED's 40 White, 40 Amber, 72 RGBW
Colour Range 360 Colours 
CRI Rating 96+
Colour Temperature 3000-6500K
Saturation 0-100%
Brightness at 0.5m 1480 LUX
Brightness Range 10-100%
Mount  1/4" Screw Thread
Max Power 12W
Battery 3.7 V 2900 mAh (Active: 274 minutes at full power)
Max Input 2.4A / 12W
Charging Time USB-C < 90 Minutes
Dimensions 127 x 75 x 16 mm
Weight 170g

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At Lencarta, we know how important it is to provide the best aftercare and customer service. That is why we are proud to boast our very own in-house UK repair centre that is available to anyone needing a repair. FeiyuTech products bought from us come with a 2-year warranty included! Find out more here.

  • 1x Pocket RGBW LED Panel
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Mini Ball Head
  • 1x Protection Case
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Box
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