The Lencarta 3 year warranty

All suppliers are legally required to offer a warranty of some kind, but the real value of any warranty depends on the ethos, attitude, resources and integrity of the Company that provides it. Here at Lencarta we have our own in-house repair facility, operated by our factory-trained electronic engineering staff. Because of this, our warranty is , unlike most other suppliers, fully comprehensive with no strings attached, and we will continue to provide you with a full repair service once the goods are no longer covered by warranty and this service will continue once the goods have been discontinued too.

Repairs under warranty
Except for modelling lamps, flash tubes and batteries, all products supplied either by our authorised dealers/distributors or directly from us after the 1st February 2013 are warranted against defects for a period of three years. This means that we will repair or replace (at our option) any item that develops a fault of any kind during the period of warranty, and we will return it to our customer carriage paid.

In the unlikely event that an item covered by warranty cannot be repaired for any reason, and if we are unable to replace it with an identical item, we will replace it with another product from our current range that has a specification that is the same as, or is superior to, the original product.

Naturally our warranty does not cover damage caused by connecting our products to unstable electrical supplies (such as electricity generators) and does not cover accidental damage or loss, e.g. from products being physically damaged, for example by being dropped, or water damage, neither does it apply to consumable items such as batteries and bulbs, which are covered by a 6 month warranty.

All other faults are fully covered. There is no small print and there are no exclusions (other than those mentioned above) Products must be returned with this form

DO NOT OPEN THE CASE OF ANY ELECTRICAL PRODUCT YOURSELF. Doing so can be extremely dangerous and will invalidate the warranty. (Everyone says this, but in the case of flash units, it really is extremely dangerous to open the case unless you are are qualified, highly experienced, have a wiring diagram in front of you and a very sophisticated, specialised [and expensive] safety equipment system).

Your legal rights are not affected by the terms and conditions of our warranty.

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