Working from home comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms! From YouTubers and streamers, photographers and videographers, to those that can't make it into the office right now and those developing their own business from home! Our Working from home kit offers professional and reliable equipment that is easily removed, stored and transported, to give your home office or studio a professional feel! Including a ring light and chromakey green/blue screen (as well as tons of added extras!), this kit will give your home setup and the work you produce something extra special! 

- 9" Ring Light included 

- Smartphone adapter 

-Pop-Up reversible background 

- Remote controlled ring light

- Easily stored and transported 

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Working from Home Ring Light and Green Screen Kit

Working From Home Kit

Working from Home Ring Light and Green Screen Kit 

An Overview

The Working from home lighting and chromakey kit is designed to enhance your working from home experience and setup! Included in this kit is a 9" ring light with a 188cm light stand, as well as a larger light stand (Lencarta 265cm Stand) to allow this ring light to be placed wherever is best suited for you! This ring light also comes with a smart phone adapter to help you adapt your current technology to this new kit without buying any extras. We have packed into this kit a 1.5x2m Green/Blue Chromakey background to provide any stream, video, or conference call with a professional and reliable background! 


BUNDLE HOME WORKING KIT: This home working greenscreen ring light kit is perfect for anybody looking for a quick and simple set up to help assist with video calls, zoom meetings, youtube videos and more. It comes with everything you need including a 9 inch ring light, smartphone adapter with small tripod, folding blue and green pop up background and a 265cm light stand to hold the background in place.

WARM AND COOL LIGHT ADJUSTMENTS RING LIGHT: Dimmable Ring circle light with a wide range power adjustment of 10 stops to full brightness. Controlling the brightness is easier than ever with the remote controller built into the power cable. The temperature can also be adjusted from 3200k to 5600k allowing you to be even more creative with your lighting.

CHROMAKEY FOLDING BACKGROUND: This backdrop is lightweight, compact, reversible and quick and easy to use. It’s absolutely fantastic for portrait, product, 3/4 shots. Both sides are heavy-duty & 100% cotton muslin. The fabric has a light-absorbing matt texture so light doesn’t get bounced back. The fabric is held tight by a spring steel frame eliminating wrinkles and creases from being folded.

OPEN UP & PUT AWAY IN SECONDS: The spring steel frame has a unique twist-fold design allowing you to open and fold the background in seconds.

RELIABLE, RESISTANT AND VERSATILE 265CM LIGHTSTAND: This light stand is made from the strongest aluminium alloy whilst maintaining its lightweight features. Able to support up to 5kg of weight at heights of up to 265cm this reliable light stand will protect your equipment from damage whilst making your workflow efficient. Finished in matt black rather than painted black, this stand will provide no reflection during your photo or video work.

Working From Home Kit
Working From Home Kit
Working From Home Kit

Remote Control

The USB wire of the beauty light features an adjustable remote control, meaning you do not need to shift from your seat or stool to change the power or colour temperature. This control does not require any DC power supply and is made of a tough robust plastic to avoid damage.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The included smartphone wireless bluetooth remote is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This small, keyring mounted controller allows you to remotely fire your camera or begin recording from the comfort of wherever you are sat or positioned.

Included Desk Tripod

The included desk tripod can be adjusted between 27.3cm-45cm and is made from a tough aluminium alloy. The tubes are thick and the legs fold upon themselves giving you the freedom to store it away safely. The very small footprint of the stand means it can squeeze in behind your screen or camera with ease.

Working From Home Kit

Working From Home Kit
Working From Home Kit
Working From Home Kit

High Quality Cotton Muslin

High Quality Cotton Muslin The Blue and Green Chromakey folding background is made from a thick and high quality cotton muslin material. This reduces the amount of light leaked, as well as providing a wrinkle-free solution. Due to the elasticity, the background simply stretches out any creases.

Easily Folded

The background can be folded in a few easy steps into a fraction of it's original size. This can then be placed simply into it's Nylon carry case and ready for your next use! It takes only seconds to fold away and when you are ready, it pops up instantly!

Strong Independent Tripod

The stand is made from a thick Aviation Aluminium-Alloy, meaning not only is it lightweight, but it is robust as well. Capable of carrying 2.5kg of weight and completely adjustable anywhere between 265cm-100cm, you are in complete control.

Working From Home Kit

Whats In The Box ?

  • 1x 9" inch Ring Light
  • 1x 45cm Portable Light Stand
  • 1x Smart Remote
  • 1x USB Power Cable
  • 1x Smartphone Adapter
  • 1x Small Carry Pouch
  • 1x Instructions Manual
  • 1x 265cm Air Damped Light Stand
  • 1x Blue and Green Folding Greenscreen 1.5 x 2m
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