Lencarta Premium 3 x 3m White Muslin Background

Lencarta Premium 3 x 3m White Muslin Background

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3 x 3m White Muslin Background

This extra thick pure cotton muslin background is purposely weaved from raw yarn to meet Lencarta's high quality requirement. Perfect for general purpose photography.

The background is bleached absolute white, enough to match white paper. White is the most commonly used studio background, essential for the "high key" effect. Also a variety of gels may be used on a back light to create a huge variety of colours and gradients.

100% cotton muslin, heavy weave and extra thick.

  • "Pure white"

  • Crease resistant, seamless one piece

  • Smooth and taut drape

  • Fully hemmed around all edges

  • Hanging pocket for instant pole fixture

  • Machine washable, with laundry label attached

  • Complete with plastic zipper case

Muslin backgrounds are made from heavyweight cotton and are normally used with our background support system

Because of the nature of the material, creases occur when the background is folded for storage. The easiest way of removing creases is to lightly spray the background with water (a plant sprayer is ideal) and leave it to hang for a few minutes before use. Steam can also be used.

Backgrounds should not be ironed, this tends to leave shiny areas.

Size 3m x 3m
Weight (kg) 1.72kg
Box Height 28cm
Box Length 21cm
Box Width 9cm

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