The Visico 4 Wireless and Stroboscopic studio flash is a self-contained battery powered studio flash that allows any photographer to shoot on location or in the studio. The built in lithium battery gives you the freedom of been wireless whilst maintaining a strong power output of 700 shots at maximum capacity. Its LED modelling lamp is high luminous efficiency, less in power consumption and long life span. Its stroboscopic feature provides up to a succession of 15 shots within a second, and recycles at 1/10000. Its fast recycling and flash duration makes it ideal for fast paced photography. This is a must for any photographer wanting to combine both quality and flexibility in their shots.

The Visico 801TX wireless remote control has the latest wireless technology and circuit design which matches all Visico Lights that contain a built in 2.4GHz wireless receiver, such as the VL PLUS, VE PLUS, VCHH, VCHHLR, VISICO 4, LED-100T and LED-150T

  • Power: 300Ws
  • Power Range: 1/1-1/16 3rd Increments
  • Recycle Time: 0.4-2.5s
  • Modifier Ring: Bowens/S-fit
  • 801TX Trigger Included
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Visico 4 300Ws Portable Flash Head w/ 801TX Trigger

Visico 4 300Ws Portable Flash Head With 801TX Trigger

USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: With the LCD screen, the Visico 4 has been fully designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The large screen makes it easier than ever to see and adjust all settings of the Visico 4. Combined with the large easy to access buttons and settings control dial, changing all aspects of the Visico 4 has never been easier. The Visico 4 also has an incredibly bright 300W (13W LED) LED modelling lamp.

LITHIUM-ION BATTERY POWERED: The Visico 4 flash unit comes with a professional high capacity lithium-ion battery pack rated at 12V/6000mAh which can deliver 700 fully powered flashes on a single charge. The high capacity battery pack can also deliver recycling speeds between 0.4 - 2.5 seconds.

2.4G BUILT-IN FSK RADIO RECEIVER: The Visico 4 has a built in radio receiver which enables you to sync to your wireless trigger to within 100 meters from the light by working at a frequency of 2.4Ghz on one of the 16 available channels.

MULTIPLE CHANNEL OPTIONS: The Visico 801TX has up to 16 channels where you synchronize with different camera shutter speeds. The wireless trigger allows you to shoot up to a distance of 15m and allows you to have flexibility and connectivity when shooting on location.

STROBSCOPIC STUDIO FLASH: The Visico 4 has a stroboscopic mode flash duration from 1/1000 to 1/10000 seconds allowing you to shoot multiple successive movements within a single picture, similar to stop-motion pictures.

Power 300Ws
Recycle Time 0.3-2.5s
Power Range 1/16-1/1 in 3rd Increments
Modelling Lamp (LED) 13W/4800K TLIC:93
Full Power Flashes Approx. 700
TTL Enabled No
HSS Enabled No
Flash Duration 1/250 - 1/4000s
Delay Flash 0.01-30s
Trigger Frequency 2.4Ghz
Trigger Groups 4
Colour Temperature 5500+200K
Trigger Channels 16.
Power Supply Lithium-Ion
Length (With Battery) 22cm
Weight (With Battery) 1.8kg
  • 1x Visico 4 Studio Light
  • 1x Visico 4 Battery
  • 1x Standard Reflector
  • 1x Protective Cap
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Tripod Head adapter
  • 1x Visico 801TX Remote control Transmitter
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