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Extend your 2-year Visico Warranty to 4 years and keep your kit protected for longer! With this warranty extension, your Visico products are can be repaired or replaced (at our discretion) for up to 3 years after purchase! 

- Must be purchased within 30 days of original Visico kit purchase

- 24 Month Warranty Extension 

- Repairs by trained technicians 

- Only Valid on items purchased from Lencarta

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Visico 24 Month Warranty Extension

Visico 24 Month Warranty Extension 

Extend your Visico Warranty from 2 years to 4 with this 24-month extension! With this warranty, if anything goes wrong with your equipment it will be looked at and repaired or replaced* free of charge. 

To use your extension follow the 4 simple steps outlined below: 

1. Get in touch with Lencarta via phone, email, or live chat to confirm your warranty 

2. Fill in the repair form on our website (click here). 

3. Send your Gimbal to us for assessment. 

4. Your Gimbal will be repaired or replaced (at our discretion) by our repair technicians and returned to you. 


  • This warranty is not applicable to batteries. 
  • Your Visico product must have been ordered from Lencarta for the warranty to be applied. 
  • It is at our discretion as to whether your product is replaced or repaired, depending on the assessment made by our technicians. 
  • Neither this nor the existing Visico warranty covers accidental damage. 
  • The warranty must be purchased within 30 days of your original Visico purchase. 
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