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Visico 2 Twin Head Portable Flash Kit

Visico 2 200Ws Twin Head Portable Flash Lighting Kit

An Overview

The Visico 2 is the ideal portable lighting solution for any professional photographer looking for reliability and portability in their work. The Visico 2 boasts an output of 200Ws ranging from 1/1-1/256th power steps whilst offering TTL and HSS up to 1/8000th of a second. The built in rechargeable high performance battery has a maximum recycle time of 0.01-1.8 seconds whilst being capable of up to 500 shots at full power. With its integrated 2.4Ghz built in receiver, the Visico 2 can be used wirelessly with the Visico 818TX trigger, fully supported by leading brands such as Canon, Nikon and Sony.

The Visico 2 is extremely lightweight (900g with battery), portable and can easily fit into any camera bag, perfect for location, wedding and event photography. With an included stand mount for full tilt and rotation capabilities, the Visico 2 is capable of seamlessly allowing any form of light stand and umbrella via the included spigot and umbrella socket.

Main Features:

HIGH SPEED SYNC / TTL COMPATIBILITY: The Visico 2 offers high speed sync output up to 1/8000s allowing you to shoot at fast shutter speeds under various different lighting conditions. Much like other leading manufacturers in studio and portable lighting, the Visico 2 offers TTL for many of the leading camera brands, such as Canon, Nikon and Sony.

200Ws POWER AND FAST RECYCLING TIME: Offering 200Ws at maximum power, the Visico 2 is on par with the leading lighting manufacturers for portability and versatility for others in its class. On full power, you can expect 500 flashes and over a thousand at its lowest. With its removable Lithium-Ion battery, the Visico 2 offers a maximum recycle time of 0.01-1.8 seconds.

5W BUILT IN LED MODELLING LAMP: The Visico 2 has a built in 5W LED modelling lamp which is extremely useful when controlling and directing the light. The brightness can be adjusted in 6 steps giving you precise control for getting the exact mood of your lighting before you take the shots.

9 STOP POWER ADJUSTMENTS: The 9 stop power adjustments allows you precise control over the lighting and can be adjusted from full power to 1/256 in 1/3rd stop increments. Much like other similar lighting solutions, the Visico 2 offers on par power steps.

TWO YEAR WARRANTY / OFFICIAL REPAIR CENTRE: Lencarta is the official UK distributor, service and repair centre of Visico. All of our products come with a fantastic two-year warranty meaning that we will repair or replace (at our option) this item if it develops a manufacturer fault of any kind during the warranty period.

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