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Godox BannerCombining power, speed, and flexibility, the Godox Ving V860II is the ultimate solution for many photography needs, such as weddings, events, portraits, and general location photography. Boasting a powerful lithium-ion battery, the V860ii is not slowed, like other speedlights, by using AA batteries with long recycle times and few shots per battery. The V860II instead uses rechargeable Li-ion batteries that provide 650 full-power flashes from a single charge. Every time the power is halved this number doubles! Usable both on and off camera with the built-in wireless receiver or as a master with its built-in X-series triggering system capable of controlling numerous Godox and Lencarta flashes.

- Power: 86Ws
- Guide Number: 190 ft / 60m
- Recycle Time: 0.01-1.5s
- Full Power Flashes: Approx. 650
- Zoom: 20 - 200mm

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Godox V860II Ving | TTL HSS Li-Ion Flash Speedlight Kit


Godox Ving V860II TTL HSS Li-Ion Flashgun Speedlight

The Godox V860II speedlight is an innovative lighting option that is perfect for all on-the-move photographers, including wedding and event, and portrait and product photographers. With both TTL and HSS capabilities, as well as a recycling time of 0.01-1.5s, the V860II offers an intuitive and professional performance on all shoots. With up to 650 full-power flashes from a single charge of its Li-ion batteries, the V860II won't cut your shoots short with drained batteries. Every time this power is halved, the number of available flashes doubles. 

The V860II offers rear curtain sync, multi-flash stroboscopic, autozoom, and many more features and modes designed to offer a wide variety of lighting options during your shoots. With a built-in receiver, the V860II can be used as an off-camera flash with the right brackets and stands, using the Godox 2.4Ghz triggering system. This feature means that the V860II is fully compatible with all Godox X range triggers and can be used as part of a team using other Godox or Lencarta flashes. 


Powerful and Portable

The V860ii features up to 86Ws in power in 8 f-stop power steps. With its compact and robust frame, the V860ii is capable of being the perfect tool for wedding, event, portrait, macro photography, and more!

Lithium-Ion Battery

The battery slides perfectly inside the V860ii, being hidden inside keeping the unit nice and small. The benefit over AA batteries is that from one lithium-ion, it is the equivalent of having 12 batteries in at once!

Large LCD Screen

The large LCD screen makes the V860ii perfect for photographers starting out with their very first flash. The V860ii's LCD screen is easy to read and doesn't require flicking through tonnes of menus to get what you want.

User Friendly

The V860ii is a user-friendly model, built with the user heavily in mind. With various USB ports for camera integration, you never have to worry as long as the flash can fit onto the camera via a frame or simply the shoe.

Works Well With



Godox S2 Bracket

The Godox S2 bracket is fully compatible with the V860II. This bracket allows you to transform your on-camera speedlight into an off-camera lighting solution, capable of working with Bowens S-fit modifiers. This bracket gives you greater lighting options in your work and frees your flash from the camera to allow for different lighting angles and positions.

Lencarta Modifiers

With the S2 bracket any Bowens S-Fit modifier can be attached to your flash gun, including the Lencarta Profold softbox range that pop up, similarly to an umbrella. The bracket allows all Bowens fit softboxes and modifiers to be attached, however it also includes a handy umbrella hole to utilise studio umbrellas with your flash.

Godox Triggers

The V860II has a built in Godox 2.4Ghz receiver. This allows this flash to be used off-camera when used with a Godox trigger. All Godox triggers will talk flawlessly with your flash head when used off camera, both on its own, as well as part of a team of Godox, or Lencarta flash heads, all through a singular trigger.


Compatible Camera Brand Nikon, Sony, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic
Power 86Ws
Recycle Time 0.01-1.5s
Power Range 1/128-1/1 in 1/3rd increments
Flash Zoom 20 - 200mm
Verticle Rotation Angle -7 - 90 Degrees
Horizontal Rotation Angle 360 Degrees
HSS Up to 1/800th of a second
Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC) +/- 3 Stops in 1/3 stop increments
Colour Temperature 5600 +/-200K
Multi Yes
Modelling Lamp No
Full Power Flashes Approx. 650
Sync Modes HSS, First Curtain, Second Curtain
Triggering Range, Groups, Channels 100m, 5 groups, 32 channels
  • 1x Godox Ving V860II
  • 1x VB18 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Charger Cable
  • 1x Foot Stand
  • 1x Protective Hotshoe Cover
  • 1x Protective Nylon Material Case
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