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The Super Heavy Duty Century Stand from Life of Photo produces an incredibly strong solution to supporting your lighting from the floor or over-head. With a maximum payload of 20kg and a solid steel build, this light stand is capable of supporting all sorts of equipment safely. The stand features a reinforced, cast steel bom arm with exceptional strength to withstand harsh conditions. The grip itself is designed to prevent slipping, avoiding your equipment being lowered prematurely. The century stand is ideal for photographers and videographers wanting something that can withstand heavy, daily usage with the ability to attach a wide array of equipment form it's end spigot. The light stand is foldable with the legs easily detached for any large carrier bag.

  • Load capacity of up to 20kg
  • Heavy-Duty, Steel Design
  • Height Adjustable from 150cm-330cm
  • 128cm Adjustable Boom Arm
  • Foldable and Compact
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Twin Super Heavy Duty Steel Century Stand with Boom Arm | 330cm

An Overview

Century stands (also known as C stands) have always been used in the movie industry, where very heavy duty and highly adjustable stands are essential. This model includes a strong and fully adjustable boom arm, which can be removed if not required. The century stand can be adjusted to any angle, including a near-vertical point, and can also be adjusted for length. A second boom arm can also be fitted if needed. Its 3 legs can each be swiveled independently, and all metal parts are chrome plated. This C stand can, if required, be taken apart for storage and transportation.

The century stand is fully adjustable between 150 and 330cm to give you complete control of the positioning of your lights. This height makes this stand perfect for positioning your lights high above your subject. The feet of the stand can also be adjusted to deal with uneven flooring or ground. This is perfect for using the stand out and about where flooring isn't always steady or even. 

Main Features:

Completely Adjustable

This stand is fully adjustable between the heights of 150cm and 330cm to offer a vast height range for you to work with. This feature means that you are fully in control of where your lighting is positioned. The 128cm boom arm can be adjusted back and forth for whatever length you require.

Multi-Functional, Multi-Use

This C-stand is suitable for use with flash heads, umbrellas, reflectors, softboxes, continuous lights and even ring lights. The boom arm and clamp can be removed to act as a singular light stand we are all familiar with.

Staggering Build Quality

Weighing in at 10.5kg, this C-stand is built to last and create safe and sturdy lighting support for all of your equipment. With a solid steel structure, the stand is incredibly unlikely to break, be knocked over, wobble or drop your equipment.

Huge Load Capacity

Unmatched from Lencarta, the Life of Photo Century Stand can withstand a huge 20KG of weight applied to the stand itself. The boom-arm can further support 10kg on it's own at it's maximum extent.

Foldable & User Friendly

The boom arm to supply is easily applied and adjusted through an easy-to-use grip that holds the boom arm securely in place. With it's detachable legs, the Century Stand can be easily folded away into a large stand bag for it's next use.


Model STA105
Max Stand Height 330cm
Min Stand Height 150cm
Max Footprint 72cm
Maximum Stand Load 20kg
Maximum Boom Load 10kg
Stand Weight 8kg
Material Steel
Colour Chrome Silver
Shaft Diametre 35mm
Boom Arm Diametre 16mm
Leg Shaft Diametre 25mm
Leg Shaft Height 28cm
Grip Shaft Holes (Min) 15mm 7mm 13mm
Grip Rotation Range 360°


What's In The Box?

  • 1x Steel Stand Frame
  • 1x Adjustable Leg Frame
  • 1x Steel Boom Arm
  • 2x Adjustable Boom Clamps
  • 1 Year Warranty
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